Job Search Myths Debunked


People tend to believe in various myths, including those that are related to job search. Our article is aimed at debunking job hunting myths.

Here is the list of four most common myths associated with the process of finding a job in the UAE and throughout the world.

Job hunting myths

Recruiters discriminate job seekers at the age of 45+, so they are unable to get the desired position.

We live in the era of tough competition, including competition in the labor market. The process of job search might be exhausting. For sure, older adults can hardly compete with younger professionals, since it is much more difficult for them to master new techniques and technologies, besides they are often less flexible. However, an older person has more experience than a younger one referring both to life and professional field, so senior competitors should not be upset and instead turn their “weak” spot into an advantage. Stop feeling sorry for yourself!

One of the main drawbacks of an aged worker is that they are accustomed to a specific mindset, a certain way of thinking. They are focused on their past successes, and it is difficult for them to keep up with the trends in the era of rapid changes. It is important not to forget about the need for constant self-development because a good specialist has to keep up with new technologies and new effective ways of doing a certain job. That is why it is necessary to monitor new trends in specialized journals constantly, at forums, conferences and other venues where people share information about novelties in their field.

My resume helped me to get a desired job in the past – it remains relevant, and I just have to update it a little.

Writing a resume is a real art and an integral part of any job search, and what is even more important, methods that were successfully implemented earlier may now be completely irrelevant. That’s why a simple update of a resume you send to a company in Dubai or another GCC city will not help. In the past, it was customary to write a resume in the established format, with the main focus on facts. If your last resume is 2-3 years old and even if at the time it was written this document was considered to be a good one and helped you to obtain the desired position, you may just update it. In case you want to stay in the same area and continue your work having a similar position. In this case, you can simply update your resume by adding the latest news; this will save your time and efforts since you will not write a document from scratch. However, if you are looking for something completely different, the resume has to be re-written.  Another useful tool one might use is job search websites.

The resume can be universal for various, even for very different job opportunities – it just needs a few supplementary sheets

Even quite intelligent people sometimes tend to think this way. According to the conducted research, recruiters read about 95% of all resumes, but no more than 65% of recruiters read supplementary sheets. Moreover, when a resume with a supplementary sheet is forwarded to a senior specialist, this sheet may be simply gets lost. Even if your resume gets to the very top of the company located in the GCC country or another part of the world, the possibility that a person making the final decision will look at it is not more than 25%! And in that case, all the best qualities you described in the supplementary sheet will be ignored, and the final decision on your position will be taken entirely on the basis of the resume.

Companies always employ the most qualified candidate for job vacancies

This seemingly obvious thought is, in fact, another job-seeking myth. For many people, a qualified specialist has the most efficient combination of skills and experience, surpassing other competitors. In theory, it is necessary to evaluate only these indicators. However, a person is not just a collection of knowledge and skills, and one should consider psychological aspects as well. Besides, the employer must evaluate if this particular candidate is good at teamwork and how well and effective a candidate can cooperate with the others.

There are cases when even very good specialists are defeated by those who are better team players, and who can become an integral part of the coordinated mechanism of a working team. Consult several job search websites to understand what an employer is looking for. There are numerous job opportunities and job vacancies – just prepare in advance and carefully plan how to better serve yourself, so as not to get into a mess at the interview in the UAE or elsewhere in the world. Please remember that the majority of job hunting myths are unfounded.

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