How To Choose Which Company Is Right For You


We all know that blessed feeling when after a tiresome process of seeking for a job, we finally get an offer from a company. Our career goes up! Then we start debating the situation in our mind and understand that we would still like to keep our options open. We tend to regret hasty decisions, no matter if this is a job in the UAE or any other part of the world, and it is always better to be sure that this is the place where you’d like to work. Mistakes related to the choice of a job position can cost a lot, both for you and for the company you’ve started working for. Therefore, it is always better to do your best to avoid making this poor fit. Therefore, one has to know how to choose the right company?

What to pay attention to when choosing a company?

Starting a new career or making a career change is both challenging and exciting. How to find the right career and how to choose the right company in Dubai or another city of the GCC? First of all, one has to make sure that the company’s vision of future development and mission are by your own goals. Secondly, it is necessary to analyze which skills can be developed with the help of this new position. Professional development never stops. Now think of the potential promotions and pay rises. Will you be able to get them and what are the prerequisites? What do you know about the relationships within the company? How do managers and CEOs treat the rest of the team members?

How to start a new career?

Another thing to reckon with is how the job you’re accepting will influence your ability to get the next job. Yes, in the dynamic world of the 21st century we rarely keep jobs for decades. People choose job positions – then look for new opportunities and places of work. This means that it is extremely important to accept only those positions where you can learn something. It is all about never-ending permanent development and self-improvement. If you feel that this job will not provide you with these options, then it is better not to accept it. Avoid the so-called “dead-end” jobs.

How to choose the right company?

Finding a new company requires conducting research. The size of the company also plays an important role, in this respect. Both big and small companies have something to offer – they have advantages and disadvantages. However, bigger companies give you more opportunities for upgrading your knowledge in a specific area. You’ll be able to look into certain issues more profoundly. This is associated with self-development and the improvement of skills. Therefore, if your ultimate goal is further professional education, bigger companies can be the right choice for you. Finding a new company in the UAE or another GCC country is not an easy task.

What questions to ask to make sure that this company is just right for you?

Indeed, it is not easy to make a career change. Choosing a career is challenging. Many people have no clear response to the question “How to find the right career?” To critically evaluate what has been offered to you, you need some time and understanding of what questions to ask. These are the questions connected with what is expected of you, your responsibilities and performance. Here is an approximate list:

  • What are my key responsibilities and what will my daily routine look like?
  • How exactly shall these responsibilities be executed?
  • How does the company management evaluate successes and failures? What are the rewards and punishments?
  • Is there any training or coaching to help me to adjust? Is there any further training to foster self-development?
  • What are the channels of providing feedback? Who gives it and under which circumstances?
  • What about the deadlines? How is the efficiency of your performance judged by the end of the week/month/year?
  • What are the main reasons for succeeding or failing within the company?

It is also highly recommended to ask about opportunities for your future career growth. Career and professional growth are extremely important. Therefore, these issues have to be discussed to help you in choosing a career.


Be critical when you finally receive that long-awaited letter telling you that you’ve been accepted by a company in Dubai or elsewhere in the world. The understanding of how to find the right career is crucial. Is this the job you’ve been looking and hoping for? How will you benefit from accepting it? Regarding money? And your professional growth? Another way to find out more about the company is to gather a bit of insider information. How? Get in touch with someone who has worked there before. For example, on LinkedIn. This is the person who will most likely be honest with you. Ask about the company’s operation, teamwork, managers, etc. This kind of research will definitely secure you from making any wrong decisions.

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