How To Respond To Tell Me About Yourself


“Tell Me About Yourself.” How many of us dread this sentence? We’ve heard it numerous times under different circumstances, in particular at job interviews. What is the reason we fear this trivial “Tell me about yourself” request? Usually, it is part of that long and tiresome breaking-the-ice conversation we sometimes feel so uncomfortable about. However, there is a way to take things a little easier. There are certain strategies one can use to make the process less uncomfortable.

Tell Me About Yourself – Job Interview

Tell me about yourself in an interview is a typical request. The worst thing is to be caught off balance when someone asks you to speak about yourself at a job interview conducted in the UAE or elsewhere in the world. This means that you have to be prepared. What can be done to get ready? Just remember that you’ll be most likely asked this question – it will help you not to be taken aback. Think about your story, a kind of a self-presentation and mind that this is not a question. It is more of a request. The point is that your response gives the note to the whole conversation. Beginning it in a cheerful and confident manner is important.

How to answer tell me about yourself question?

The first strategy concerning how to how to answer tell me about yourself the question is to reply promptly but making your response brief and concise. It is recommended to speak for less than two minutes. Since this is the beginning of your conversation at a job interview conducted either in Dubai or any other city in the GCC, this is actually a great opportunity to make a short self-presentation share the information you want.

“Tell me about yourself – job interview” is one of the most frequent search queries in Google. When getting ready for the conversation, make notes and rehearse everything. This will help you to remain calm and self-composed. However, the text should not sound memorized. Allow your body language to look natural. Do not pre-rehearse it. Your self-presentation should be focused on your personality characteristics. Try to emphasize that you are exactly the professional the company is looking for.

Be reserved and frank but do not say negative things when you hear a request “tell me something about yourself.” It is neither a good opportunity to boast, nor to be too critical. It might also be a good idea to listen to several examples of public interviews. How do politicians and celebrities respond to “tough” questions? What does their self-presentation look like? Pick up the best practices and imitate them. As soon as you talk is over, let the interviewer know that it is their turn.

Tell me about yourself – job interview

What does the interviewer want to hear? When planning your self-presentation talk, make sure that you include the following information:

  • Your education, certificates, qualifications and work experience;
  • Your main strengths, especially the ones you think will be required to obtain this job;
  • Your achievements in the past, especially if they show that you understand how to help the company accomplish its goals;
  • How can you contribute to the organization’s success and prosperity and what value you can present?

Here is a text that can be used as a sample for your self-presentation story at a job interview in the UAE or any other GCC country when you are asked to speak about yourself.

“To begin with, I received my Bachelor degree in Marketing from the University of Illinois, and I have also recently earned an MBA from Dartmouth College. As far as my working experience is concerned, I’ve spent five years working as a marketing analyst and two more years as a senior marketing manager.

My key responsibilities included conducting marketing research, analyzing the competitors, developing the company’s promotion strategy and improving the consumer experience. My main achievement is the implementation of a new project aimed at promoting our products at the Mexican market, which has greatly helped to expand the company.

I am not afraid of facing challenges. In fact, I am happy to be given the tasks that test my skills. I am interested in self-development and professional growth. I complete projects on time and can work as the leader of a team. When working on a project, I make sure that my vision is in accord with the company’s vision. I know how to set priorities to achieve the desired goal.

I appreciate working in a fast-paced tempo.  I am sure that I will be able to contribute my knowledge and skills to the development of your company. I am efficient, goal-oriented, self-organized and persevering. One more thing I’d like to tell you about myself is that I am a hands-on-professional. Apart from the hard skills, I have well-developed communication skills. I have experience in managing a team; I know how to build rapport and trusting relationships within a department. I am good at guiding and mentoring.

I am sure that my knowledge and skills can become a real asset to your company. I will do my best to help the company thrive and prosper. I know what drives good results and brings a positive outcome. Is there anything I haven’t mentioned? Or would you like me to talk about particular aspects in more detail?”

“Tell me about yourself” or “Tell me something about yourself” – stop dreading these two requests. If you write a similar text describing your achievements and work experience, it will help you to feel much more confident at a job interview. Put it down in writing, and you’ll see that your self-presentation talk will become much better, up to the point and more convincing.

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