Recruiter Reveals 9 Salary Negotiation Strategies


Most recruiters in the UAE and other parts of the world tend to keep their best offers for later without immediately proposing the best conditions to a candidate. Therefore, those candidates who take this strategy into account receive better salaries than those who are ready to agree very quickly to the first offer. Let us look closer at the most successful salary negotiation strategies.

Salary negotiation tips

Are you still wondering how to negotiate a job offer salary? Recruiters in the countries of the GCC and elsewhere in the world are inclined to give a better evaluation to those people who are trying to increase their salary. It indicates higher self-esteem, and very often such people can improve the work of the company. Here is a step-by-step guide for salary negotiation process with the purpose of increasing the level of your potential salary:

Spend enough time to prepare for a meeting and look what salaries are offered on the market for a position you want to obtain. Both sides of the negotiations are trying to achieve the best results for themselves and experience a sense of satisfaction, including the issue of wages. It is important that not only an employee, but also an employer feels that adequate money is paid for the services provided, since this, in fact, is the start of the relations, and these relations should better start with something good.

When you start negotiating, do not talk about the money issues immediately. It is recommended to think over and shape your vision of future work, especially from the perspective of an employer, Think of the potential benefits that your services will bring. This will allow you to feel more confident in negotiations without underselling. The employer should not have an impression that you are here only for the sake of a higher salary. In any case, one should understand the actual market value of services. Here it will be best to propose a specific range, rather than a specific number. In the end, as a result of the negotiations, both sides will come to a mutual decision concerning payment.

Emphasize that you are looking not only for a particular salary but also for certain working conditions so that the employer will understand that money is not the only factor that holds you here. It might also be a good idea to send a salary negotiation email which might turn out a helpful tool in reaching the desired goal.

It is hardly possible to give completely universal advice on interviewing because there are some particularities in different areas. While in some areas it is easier, in others it is more complicated. Besides, the form and the main result of the negotiations will depend on whether it is a state or a private company that interviews with you. In the public sector, as a rule, the range of a proposed salary is minimal – they are more likely to offer a fixed amount. In private structures, there is much more space for maneuvers. Some factors are taken into account such as the current salary of a candidate, market offers and current salaries of already working employees.

In case you have necessary experience and skills to work in the company and you are selected as a candidate, you have a good position for negotiations.

At the interview, do not be afraid to ask, but do not go too far and never demand!

It is very important to know your exact worth without being afraid to ask for proper conditions. You won’t lose the money anyway when you ask for adequate working conditions, but it is also important for your request not to go beyond the permissible range. The salary negotiation requires prudence and discretion.

At the interview, try to show your courtesy and professionalism.

This is one of the most important salary negotiation strategies. Your tone, gestures, and behavior should show the employer that your goal is a win-win solution for both. If you are too persistent, an employer may get the impression that you are only interested in money and this will sharply reduce your chances of obtaining the desired position.

You have to sell yourself

After all, in fact, you are selling your time to the employer, and they will benefit from your skills and experience. This can be done even in a salary negotiation email. We can illustrate it with the help of the following example – an employer is ready to offer the employee a salary of up to $20,000, and you want to receive a salary of at least $25,000. To persuade an employer to raise the salary, try to describe in detail how an employer wins from accepting you and how they can get additional profit, for instance:

“I understand that your budget for a new employee is limited, but given my skills in graphic design, you will not have to employ an additional artist, because I can do everything by myself. This will allow you to save an amount of not less than $10,000 so that you can save $5,000 a month.”

In other words, you have to justify spending every dollar and show its potential benefits. The employer should feel jealous. If you have several interviews at a time for different positions, it lets your employer know that you are worth being fought for. If an employer knows that you have any other offers for work, you, as an expert, will seem more attractive and in demand, and this, in turn, will allow you to qualify for a potentially higher salary.

Ask for an adequate price

How to negotiate a job offer salary is not an easy question to respond. However, certain techniques can help you reach the desired outcome no matter if you’re working in Dubai or any other city of the world. You have to be competitive at the market, so when negotiating for payment, do not overcharge your price excessively, but at the same time, if the salary offer is below market value, you must demonstrate that your salary request is justified. Say something like that:

“I conducted an independent study and determined that the average rate for a position like this is about $ 5,000 higher than what you are offering. I would really like to work with you, and I believe that I can increase the value of my work, but unfortunately, I cannot work for an obviously lower cost.”

Consider the possibility of additional bonuses and incentives; show your creativity and understanding of how to negotiate a jo offer salary!

If an employer, for some reason, cannot offer you the level of salary you want to have, you can consider other bonuses that may not be of such worth. For example, you can consider a more flexible schedule of holidays and non-working days; you can also negotiate additional bonuses for the speed of your performance or a larger amount of work done.

When negotiating, it is important to maintain your confidence

Do not forget to use confident body language and speech patterns. It indicates that you know how to negotiate salary. When you discuss the issue of payment, imagine raising the salary as confidently as possible so that the employer will not think too much about the appropriateness of such expenses. Try to put your request briefly and simply and then give a justification for your request.

It might be a good idea to ask for additional bonuses and benefits that you do not need and which you can refuse from during the negotiation process in the UAE or another country so that the employer feels that they have managed to get a profitable result. Ideally, both sides in negotiations should complete them with the sense of satisfaction. This is especially true when it comes to negotiating payment because your business relationship should start on a positive note.

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