Why Aren't I Paid A Fair Wage


Think that you are paid not enough? And what about your colleagues, do they think of themselves as underpaid, too? How many of your friends are happy with their income? Ask a dozen of your colleagues and friends and find out if they are satisfied with their financial situation.

The results of the sociological research show that at any moment of time the majority of employees of any company either in the UAE or elsewhere in the world consider they are not paid the salary they truly deserve. Does this mean that most companies systematically underpay their employees? Or maybe these are the employees themselves who are not able to be honest, and unbiased? Are their heads full of unjustified ambitions and fantasies based on unrealistic hopes? Why are so many people concerned with the question of how to increase salary?

So, how to increase salary?

First, we need to determine what can be considered fair pay in Dubai and other cities of the GCC. It is believed that fair pay is a proper reward for the efforts, experience, and skills of an employee. Fair pay takes into account the value of an employee in the company’s work and the contribution to the overall profit.

Despite the fact that this definition seems to be very simple, the interpretation of what is “fair” can vary very much depending on an employer and an employee. As we have already said, most people tend to consider themselves undervalued. One of the most popular search queries in Google related to the issue of salary offers lower than expected which means that too many employers feel underpaid.

People often hear stories about the salaries of their friends, or relatives, and as a rule, they pay particular attention to those cases when the level of payment is higher than their own. Or they listen to their colleagues (subjectively considered by them as less valuable to a company) who say that they get more money, and this causes a feeling of dissatisfaction and even envy. They start analysing why salary offers lower than expected. Also, people often hear from recruiters from the Internet, who offer better conditions of work and better salaries.

Therefore, given the subjective and emotional nature of the issue related to how to increase salary, even if the level of salary of a particular person is high enough in a particular area, people can feel underestimated and wish to increase their wages. As long as a person does not see the results of specific studies on the level of wages in a particular area, this person doubts the salary.

So, what should one do if a company in one of the GCC countries or the UAE is faced with a similar problem and employees consider themselves to be undervalued and are thinking about changing a job? Is it possible to increase salary? When talking with employees about salary, one should focus on the problems of this employee, since they are not inclined to listen to general discussions on the financial situation of a company as a whole. This person has a particular problem and is not interested in the rest.

Most “pay for results” systems have a similar drawback of a possible underestimation of a person. As professional skills of a person increase, the salary should increase as well; but not in this system, and at the end, this can lead to the loss of an employee, since when a specialist grows and develops skills and experience, they require and deserve an increase of remuneration.

Sometimes, it might be appropriate to write a salary increment letter. However, many people feel at a loss as to how to word a request for a salary increase. As a rule, the salary range increases concerning fluctuations in the market. However, in each specific case, this increase may not take place at all, for different reasons. A person can be simply shy and reluctant to ask for an increase in salary, but at the same time feel dissatisfied with the current state of affairs.

All companies try to reduce their expenses and thereby increase profits, and it is very important not to go too far in this process because the goal of employees is the opposite – to increase their income. Therefore, it is important to achieve some balance.  It should also be noted that companies in the UAE and the world do not directly react to the changes in the subsistence level, but its employees cannot ignore these changes, and the company should also make the corresponding amendments unless it wants to lose its valuable personnel.

Also, the following situation often occurs: Company creates additional funds for potential wage growth, but they are used only for rewarding the key specialists of the top level, since they are inclined to switch from one company to another easily, and good specialists are always in demand. And the average executing workers often remain at their positions and do not receive any special rewards. However, such a reward system proves to be erroneous in most cases, as the company can eventually lose mid-level executives, as they understand that they will never be rewarded for their efforts. As time passes, a company may face a shortage of mid-level personnel.

But how can employees test the validity of their reward?

  1. If the salary range is known, one can find out if current salary at the market matches the one a company considers an “average rate.” As a rule, higher experience and a rating of labor productivity result in a higher level of wage.
  2. An employee can talk with an HR or a unit manager to understand what the plans of a company for this person are, and what can be expected in the future (the prospects for growth and development)
  3. One should not rely entirely on the information from the Internet, because this data can be highly distorted, or even totally incorrect. It is better to conduct an additional search in different places to have a complete picture.
  4. If employees, for some reason, lose faith in the sincerity of their company, it will be extremely difficult to win it back.

So, do you consider your salary to be competitive? Be as honest with yourself as you can. If you think, it is not, then no matter whether your request for a salary increase is justified or not, there is a possibility that your company can raise your salary, but if you agree with the current state of affairs, then no one will do anything to improve your welfare! Too many people keep on asking “Why my offer lower than expected. Isn’t it better to stop wondering and start doing something? Just find a solution that will be appropriate for you – from a request to increase salary to a salary increment letter. Do not be afraid of changes and try always to get the best!

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