Three Reasons Your Job Application Didn't Get a Response


Have you ever encountered a situation when you sent dozens of CVs and job application letters to various recruiting agencies in the UAE or other counties but never receive a response? Many of us have. This is usually the point when we start wondering what might have gone wrong. Is it on the CV? Or job application format? Shall I try my luck once again? These are typical questions one may ask.

Don’t worry; you are not alone. Too many job seekers share this type of experience. It is painful and frustrating when job application reply is none. It often seems to us that things could have been a little better if the company has at least acknowledged the message. However, rather than having a meltdown over the absence of a job application response, it is much better to look at things critically. Why is your CV met with silence? What are the most common reasons they never respond?

Job application response rate

One of the first potential reasons is related to job application response rate. Sometimes it seems to us that job application response time takes ages. Competition is tough, and it influences job application response time. This one seems obvious, but the matter is that recruiting agencies in Dubai or any other city in the GCC region get hundreds of inquiries weekly. How do they cope with this bulk of work? They use automatic systems to screen resumes. The main task of the system is to decide if you have specified qualifications required for the job. Some of them create automatic messages letting you know that the application has been accepted while the others don’t. If this is the case, this means that you won’t receive a reply to job application acknowledgment. This does not necessarily signify that your CV has been rejected or discarded. It could have been accepted and is now being examined by one of the hiring managers.

What can you do to reduce this time of waiting and “unknowing” when it comes to a job application letter? Is there any secret related to how to write an application letter for a job vacancy? Try getting in touch with an actual person from an HR department to find out if your CV has been received. How? Using a LinkedIn note or an email. Explain that the reason you’re sending this note is that you’d like to find out if your application is under consideration. This might give you some extra points. First of all, this shows your perseverance. Secondly, it may secure you a job interview which is great. Don’t be afraid of such follow-ups – there is nothing wrong with them. It saves your time and eliminates the infinite waiting. Life is about moving forward, not standing still.

Please remember that it is not you – this is the system. There are different reasons for your CV to be discarded. It does not always mean that you’re not qualified enough. Recruiting agencies in the GCC or other parts of the world may post information about open jobs when they already have a candidate in mind. Why do they do this? Because they want to collect information for some future openings. Therefore, they are creating a kind of a database (without really letting you know) to be able to pick someone up later. In this case, this is not rejection – this is pending. However, you won’t be able to find it out for sure.

Sometimes companies do not send rejection messages as they are afraid that they might trigger further inquiries or even lawsuits. What is the best strategy for you in this case? Sure, it is quite tempting to find out what your standing is. But it is not always feasible. Sometimes it is better to move on. Why? Because you don’t want to provoke negative reactions of your employees – it is unproductive. Instead, you could take part in your niche groups, author publications and do other things capable of drawing positive attention to you as a professional.

Thus, one of the ways to win over your potential employer in UAE or other GCC country is to show your value which has to be authentic. Standing out is a good thing, but your efforts have to be targeted, not wasted. If what you do is focused, your chances of obtaining the desired job get much higher.

Clients come first. This is true for all the companies and recruiting agencies are no exception. Yes, they are looking for professionals, truly skillful and trained, but since there are the clients, who pay, no wonder that these customers are their utmost priority. Those who pay get better chances of being properly served. Recruiting agencies will try to provide them with the best options.

Should I respond to job application acknowledgment emails?

Another question that might worry you runs as follows “Should I respond to application acknowledgment emails?” Taking into account that most of them are generated automatically, one might not respond to them. However, if the waiting time after the letter of application has been accepted exceeds what you might have expected, it is possible to react to it. A reply to job application acknowledgment can signify your persistence and perseverance. This is one of the secrets to how to write an application letter for a job vacancy.


Why else do recruiting agencies in Dubai or other GCC cities fail to send a reply? Easy – some of them simply don’t have enough staff to do that. What shall you do in case there is no reply? Act ad-hoc that is as the moment arises. It is not always necessary to be persistent, but it is advisable to “stay on the radar.” Do not be afraid of an additional email or a phone call, especially if job application reply is really important for you. And note that everything matters – from the job application format to the general tonality of your letter.

As you see, there are many reasons why you get no reaction to the CV you’ve sent. Just stay in the game, do not feel discouraged or disappointed. Instead, work on building your presence in the industry, increase your value and do not be scared of follow-ups. Sometimes, you need to give hiring managers an extra impulse to help them feel that you are just right for this particular position.

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