ACCA Qualification


AED 2,600
Course Duration: 24 months
Category: Finance, Accounting and Banking


About the CourseWhat is ACCA?

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the world’s most forward-thinking accountancy body from the UK with over 200,000 members and 486,000attendeesglobally. Founded in 1904, the ACCAgradehas led the way in innovation and producingcompetentfinance and accountancy professionals that are sought after by employers. With offices in more than 100 countries, ACCA’sworldwidepresence ensures thatattendeesand members are well supported in their academic andqualifiedjourneys wherever they are.

6 reasons to choose ACCA

Finance & accountancy professionals are a backbone of any industry. ACCA leads the way in thefieldas theyconsist ofa Gold standard in accountancy, opening doors to highly respectable and rewarding careers.  ACCA memberstaskin all industries across the globe.

  • Work anywhere in the world – with presence in more than 181 countries, ACCA is one of the mostworldwideaccountancyeligibilityin the world.
  • Employability – employers across the globe look forcompetentandprice– driven professionals with strong qualifications. ACCA members enjoy a strongprofessional lifeand rewardingprofessional lifegrowth and are highly sought after in the industry.
  • Flexibility – ACCA offers multiple entry points, whether youconsist ofhad any prior accountingtrainingor not. Students can also takeassessment4 times a year which means they canadvanceto membership quickly.
  • Student & Memberservice– ACCA offers dedicated 24 hoursservicetoattendeeswherever they reside.
  • Global network – ACCA provides opportunities forattendeesand members to network through its social media platforms, member events or virtualstudyingcommunities. This means that you can pick up valuable contacts such as mentors orfieldcontacts who can facilitate your ACCA journey.
  • Think Ahead – when you join ACCA, you become a part of thecentrethat thinks ahead, and drives change in the accountancy sector. As ACCA members, you will get thechanceto shape the future of the accountancy profession.
  • Additional Qualifications

    When youlearnfor ACCA, you get anchancetonet incomeadditionaleligibilitysuch as below –

    Applied Accounting – Whilstschoolingfor the ACCA qualification, you can alsonet incomeBSc Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University. This means at completion, you will hold a bachelor’squalificationas well as aqualifieddegree.

    MSc in Professional Accountancy – ACCA members can apply for thisgradeandnet incomeadditionalgradefrom the prestigious University of London.

    Careers in ACCA

    ACCAattendeesand members cantaskin a variety of different roles across industries. Acompletelist of roles is available here

    The Qualification structure

    ACCAgradecomprises of 3 E’s namely Exams, Ethics & Experience. Students must fulfill all thesenecessitytonet incomethe ACCA membership.

    Exams – ACCAgradehas 13assessmentincompleteandattendeescan appear forassessment4 times in a year (September, December, March & June)

    Ethics – allattendeesmustentirethequalifiedethicssectiontoadvanceto membership.

    Experience –attendeeswhoconsist ofcompleted the first twonecessitymust also submitapplicableworkbackgroundof 36 months to apply for membership.

    Acompleteunderstanding of the structure can be found here


    Students whoconsist ofgained prioreligibilitycan get exemptions from the ACCA qualification.  To find out your exemptions, you can visit the Exemptions Calculator. For each subject you are exempted, you will be required to pay an exemptionchargeas administrative cost.

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