Adobe InDesign


Adobe InDesign
Location: Dubai, UAE
Course Duration: 10 Hours
Category: Design and Creative



InDesign provides the best interface for arranging skillful layouts with advanced graphics and typography. This 10 Hours skull session is planned to introduce delegates to the approach involved in desktop publishing. Delegates will study central potential which will enable them to create a variety of documents from one-page flyers and advertisements to multi-page colour publications. As well as covering the layout and typographical controls the skull session also includes structural design principles and tips to make documents always look professional.


Graphic designers, creative professionals, print professionals, publishers and marketing professionals.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, delegates will be able to:

  • Design documents plus text and Graphics using frames
  • Format using Styles
  • Utilise colours, swatches, and gradients
  • Manage linked files and missing fonts
  • Utilise tables
  • Automate workflow with Master pages
  • Create Acrobat PDF files and prepare for printing

No prior understanding of InDesign is assumed.

Course Contents

InDesign Layout

  • The InDesign Workspace
  • Using shortcuts
  • Customise your workspace
  • Setting preferences – rulers, guides, layers
  • Document design
  • Altering Layout
  • Create the Structure of a Document
  • Develop Master Pages
  • Manage Text and Graphic Placement
  • Develop Layers
  • The Selection and Direct Selection Tool
  • The Tool & Colour Palettes
  • Grids, rulers and guides
  • Add/Edit & Spell Check
  • Thread and Wrapping Text
  • Importing text
  • Apply/Edit Styles to text
  • Dealing with missing fonts
  • Change Text Threads
  • Hyphenation and justification
  • The Eyedropper tool
  • Creating drop caps
  • Edit, Apply and Manage Paragraph Styles
  • Format Characters and Paragraphs
  • Numbering paragraphs
  • Text on a path
  • Flowing text through multiple frames
  • Creating ‘placeholder’ frames
  • CS5 text options
  • Using the ‘tab’ command
  • The Glyphs window
  • Arranging, Aligning and Distributing
  • The ‘place’ command
  • Resizing images and frames
  • Rotating objects
  • Using ‘text wrap’
  • Managing object layers
  • Creating special effects
  • Shape and corner options
  • Transforming Objects
  • Group & Ungroup
  • Duplicating, Rotating, Scaling,
  • Skewing, Mirroring
  • Managing Transparency
  • The ‘fill’ and ‘stroke’ settings
  • CrAdobe InDesign CS6 Essential

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