Advanced Negotiation for Accountants


Advanced Negotiation for Accountants
Location: Sharjah, UAE
AED 378
Course Duration: 4 Hours
Category: Finance, Accounting and Banking, Sales


The skill to negotiate effectively in any situation is a ability that can be learnt like any other. Advanced Negotiation for Accountants enables students to hone and increase their negotiation approach and strategies. Learners will be able to plan for complex negotiations, ensuring that the conclusion of any negotiation undertaken is successful, and they will learn how to handle difficult situations as they arise.

Learning Outcomes

  • The principles of negotiation
  •  What is the aim of negotiation?
  •  How do people negotiate?
  •  What makes someone a excellent negotiators?
  •  Why is precaution so important?

Negotiation Dynamics

  •  What are negotiation dynamics?
  •  What is my negotiation style?
  •  What is NLP and how can it help me build rapport?
  •  How can I make the power balance work for me?
  •  How do I persuade people effectively?

Preparing for Complex Negotiation

  •  When should I negotiate?
  •  How can I use constants and variables to prepare?
  •  How can I use a “range of outcomes” to plan a win-win outcome?
  •  What common traps should I be aware of?

Trading Concessions

  •  Why is trading concessions so important?
  •  How do I trade concessions effectively?
  •  What do I do if they won’t provide way on anything?
  •  What tactics should I recognise?

Getting out of Deadlock

  •  What difficult issues might I face?
  •  How do I deal with objections?
  •  How do I deal with an aggressive negotiator who refuses to budge?
  •  How do I resolve conflict?
  •  How do I create a positive atmosphere for agreement?

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