Advanced Sales Skills and Techniques


Advanced Sales Skills and Techniques
Location: Dubai, UAE
Price: AED 12,100
Discounted Price: AED 9,990
Course Duration: 3 Days
Category: Sales, Soft Skills


The business world has changed dramatically in recent years, and yet many sales teams still follow the traditional sales models developed years ago. Now is the time to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge and discover insights on how to better know your customers and the psychology of their decision-making process. Such skills result in a qualitative, professional approach, which automatically converts into more sales. This intensive professional course transforms your approach to the selling process and relationship building. You’ll study techniques and become certified in skills which enable you to prepare an outstanding sales plan and exceed your sales targets. Sales professionals will gain a changed perspective on what is truly important in sales engagement and be able to navigate sales practice with insight, skill and full understanding of the customer’s needs. This course is the result of the work of the best sales professionals, who have combined their vast experience to help others achieve their sales targets. In this advanced training course from Atton Institute, you’ll study a multitude of skills and techniques and their real-world applications, including:
  • Mastering the right Sales mindset and attitude towards your clients for greater acquisition
  • Refining your personal & group presentation skills and boosting your confidence when speaking
  • Cross-selling and upselling more competently than ever before using the right techniques
  • Becoming a master of handling sales objections and closing the deal in sales negotiations
  • Possessing highly advanced sales skills which can be used by you and your team


  • Professional Salesperson Role and the Impact of the right Mindset and Attitude
  • The Buying Process %u2013 recognising the Six Main Stages of the buying Process to Increase Sales
  • Psychology of Selling & understanding your Competitive Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Preparing an Advanced Sales Plan and its Key points %u2013 Who, Where, Why, When and How
  • New Business Acquisition via various Sales Channels & choosing the Right Ones
  • Improving Sales Efficiency Skills and Effectiveness to Increase Deal Closing Rates
  • Technologies which help to Enhance Sales Efficiency & the best Sales Closing Techniques
  • Structuring the best Presentations, Confidence in Public Speaking and other Selling Skills
  • How to Make Sales Appointments and Understand Body Language to increase Sales
  • Sales Techniques to read and respond to %u201Cred%u201D, %u201Cyellow%u201D, and %u201Cgreen%u201D Non-Verbal cues
  • Increasing Sales via Cross-Selling & Upselling and Choosing the Right Approach
  • Proven Questioning techniques to identify Customers%u2019 Needs & get their Interest
  • Most effective Solutions for Increasing the Volume or Value of your Client%u2019s Orders
  • Implementing your Sales Networking Strategy and developing the required Confidence
  • Questioning Techniques & Competent Methods of Handling Objections and Stalls
  • Applying Advanced Techniques and Skills for Proposals & Sales Negotiations
  • Understanding why People Negotiate and how to Minimize Unnecessary Proposals
  • Identifying the right Goals and Objectives to Develop and Implement a clear Action Plan


In this training course, you will uncover new knowledge and skills in sales and gain the confidence which will bring you to the next level of your professional growth.

  • Learn techniques to develop the customer%u2019s motivational drivers and aspirations
  • Achieve successful sales performance and advance to the next level of your career
  • Establish stable and long-lasting business relations with your key customers
  • Study how to match product solutions to clients%u2019 individual needs and buying styles
  • Possess the skills of selling, upselling and cross-selling to a variety of customers
  • Know how to turn the strongest client objections and stalls into new orders
  • Get certified in the advanced successful sales techniques and group presentations
  • Shorten sales cycles with effective and impactful questioning techniques
  • Create proposals that blow away the competition and make you the definite winner
  • Learn advanced sales questioning skills and techniques to better understand your clients
  • Improve your personal confidence, performance consistency and professionalism



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