Advanced Strategies: Financial Control and Performance Evaluation


Advanced Strategies: Financial Control and Performance Evaluation
Location: Dubai, UAE
Course Duration: 5 Days
Category: Finance, Accounting and Banking


Learning Objectives:
  • Identify best practices for the roles of CFO, controller, treasurer, and accountants in the content of, and relationships between, financial reports (income statement, balance sheet, and receipt of cash flows).
  • Discuss the use of financial reports to evaluate the financial / strategic performance of an organization.
  • Understand best practices in discounted cash flow (DCF) approach and their application to financial decision-making.
  • Identify corporate performance institution using crucial achievement factors, weak financial signals, and strong financial signals in various business sectors.
  • Define the amount creation/destruction improvement in mergers and acquisitions from the market perspective and signals to institution from the market.
  • Identify the various sources of financial and organisation data that give insights into organisation and financial strategies.
  • Identify the data of financial control, risk management, and financial reporting from the perspectives of the internationally recognized skillful associations such as IFAC, IASB, SEC, OECD, and others.

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