Audit of Charities NI – Pre-Recorded


Audit of Charities NI – Pre-Recorded
Location: Dubai, UAE
AED 316
Course Duration: 3 Hours
Category: Finance, Accounting and Banking


It is important for those involved in charities to keep updated and this education will supply a practicable update on the audit and governance of charitable organisations.

Topics covered include:
  • Impact on the module of the Charities Act 2009 (ROI) and Charities Act 2008 (NI)
  • Practice Note 11 (Revised December 2008) “The Audit of Charities in the United Kingdom”
  • Audit arranging and risk assessment
  • Auditing funds, gift help income and other charity specific areas
  • Risk business and corporate governance for charities

Trustee reporting under ISA 260 “Communication with those charged with governance” and ISA 265“ Communicating deficiencies in internal control to those charged with governance and management”

Topics will be covered in a lecture with reference to case studies and example accounts.

The Learning Outcomes

Following the education students will contained a greater comprehension of how to audit and study charity accounts.

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