Bachelor of Business in Accounting


Bachelor of Business in Accounting
Location: Dubai, UAE
AED 17,385
Course Duration: 3 Years
Category: Finance, Accounting and Banking


For many students, the rewards and prestige offered by a career in accounting make it an excellent path to pursue. This status in Business and Accounting will be a major step towards achieving that goal. It will be a popular choice with students who want to move directly into a career in accountancy as well as those who recognise the amount of an accounting status in a wider institution institution context. The Bachelor of Business in Accounting programme provides fundamentals education in the quantitative, computational and analytical skill to perform required in the world of institution and accounting. Students learn about the role and operation of accounting in a range of contexts. All major accountancy disciplines are covered including financial and expense accounting, institution accounting, auditing and taxation.

Students on this programme will earnings an in-depth knowing of the major theoretical and practical aspects of accounting from both Irish and worldwide perspectives as well as a strong knowing of business, legal and taxation issues and practices. As the coaching progresses, the emphasis shifts from fundamentals knowing to more superior learn of single areas of the major accounting, institution and finance disciplines. In year 3 there is a greater emphasis on independent job and on the training of a central and analytical techniques to the subject matter.

Seven mandatory subjects give fundamentals knowing in core institution and accounting disciplines and upgrade students’ communication skills. Year 2 further develops technical knowing in the critical accounting and finance disciplines while simultaneously advancing students’ skill in the institution of institution and information. In year 3, students learn actual theory and practice in experts financial fields and learn to deal with financial and institution situations in an integrative and cross disciplinary manner. Students holding a admissible higher certificate or other admissible achievement may qualify for entry to the third year of this status programme.

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