Basic Accounting


Basic Accounting
Location: Dubai, UAE
AED 1,000
Course Duration: 16 Hours
Category: Finance, Accounting and Banking



A. Introduction to Accounting (Fundamentals)

  • Introduction to Accounting
  • The Five Major Types of Accounts
  • Assets Definition and Examples
  • Liabilities Definition and Examples
  • Capital Definition and Examples
  • Expenses Definition and Examples
  • Revenue / Income Definition and Examples
  • B. Two Main Categories of the Major Five types

  • Rules of Debit and Credit
  • Explain the concept of T-accounts
  • C. Accounting Cycle

  • General Journal Entries
  • Journal Ledger Preparation
  • Trial Balance Preparation
  • Trading Account Preparation
  • Profit and Loss Account Preparation
  • Balance Sheet Preparation
  • Assignments for Practical
  • Career Path

    Statistically speaking have a 49 percent likelihood of having a baby girl; and a 51 percent opportunity that it’s a boy. But unlike the relatively even outcomes for the gender of your unborn child, accounting professionals have a wealth of opportunities beyond the typical positions in accounting or finance.

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