Block Chain


Block Chain
Location: UAE
AED 12,000
Course Duration: 1 Days
Category: IT & Technology


This course provides participants with an introduction and general overview of block chain. It familiarizes learners with the fundamentals, main drivers,themes and terminology associated with it, the applications predicted in various industries and the barriers to its development. 

The workshop also provides delegates with an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the technology, in order to help initiate efforts and guide decisions on its adoption. It provides an introduction to key concepts such as decentralization and transparency, and covers the technology’s framework,history, evolution, and an analysis of various block chain infrastructure technologies.

MENTOR is able to tailor the workshop specifically to the client operations and learning needs. Our team will help clients identify specific departments and units that would benefit most from adopting the technology.


  • Introduction to Block chain: decentralization, Block chain anatomy, history and evolution.
  • Cryptocurrencies: relationship to Block chain, Altcoins, how they work and their importance
  • Focus on Bitcoin:who invented it and why, where it comes from, main benefits.
  • Different block chain technologies: a comparative approach.
  • Smart contracts and ICOs.
  • Challenges facing block chain.
  • Block chain for business: to adopt the technology or not.
  • Overview of Block chain applications in industries such as fine tech, healthcare,government, and education.


Participants will be familiar with AI history and evolution,understand how to implement AI and build intelligent agents; understand machine learning algorithms and natural language processing; and be familiar with the vision for robotics.

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