Create Animated Explainer Videos – Complete Walkthrough


Create Animated Explainer Videos – Complete Walkthrough
Location: Dubai, UAE
AED 73
Category: Design and Creative


—- Course lectures updated and bonus lectures added on 9th March 2016 —-

Would you like to improve your sales by using promo videos? How about an animated video where you don’t even need to be on camera?


Video has a huge impact on your brand credibility, and on sales. They produce substantially higher conversion rates (where customers go from browsing to buying) and you’d be crazy not to use them in your business.

The problem is they are either expensive or hard to make.

Not today.

This training is a major shortcut to your first animated promotional video. We’ll be working together in each lecture creating your video as you learn. No ‘learning for schooling sake’ here, just actionable and productive lectures.

Hear what my students have to say about this course:

‘This was BRILLIANT! After going through this training I felt like I was using it like a pro, I already knew all the tricks to work around the limitations of the courses and was able to produce my first, very qualified looking video is a really short amount of time, THANK YOU!!’ -Paul

‘Pure clue – no clutter! Enjoyed this training so much, you’ll save about $104 thanks to lecture 5. This training is a shortcut to mastery.’ – Brandon

‘I didn’t know what I was looking for till I found you. The training was great, no really, its fantabulous.’ – April

‘Powerful training here! Powerful, engaging and so easy to follow. All instructors need this course!’ – Rosa

‘Well done this training was amazing…I am now a convert, loved the style and engaging voice over.’ – Leap Training Institute

By the end of this training you will have your own promo video, all:
  • without appearing on camera
  • without having to buy anything more than a microphone and a Powtoon account
  • without wasting time schooling to qualified complex courses like Adobe After Effects.

Plus you’ll have my proven workflow (PDF) that produces videos in the fastest time possible.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You are backed by Udemy’s 30 day refund policy. No sweat.

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