Cross Border Business Operations and Tax ROI PreRecorded


Cross Border Business Operations and Tax ROI PreRecorded
Location: Sharjah, UAE
AED 253
Course Duration: 2 Hours
Category: Finance, Accounting and Banking


The aim of this training is to provide a workshop on the practical tax aspects suitable to all Irish businesses who contained operations in Northern Ireland and the UK.  All taxation matters ranging from VAT, social security, association tax and PAYE will be covered.

Who Should Attend

The coaching is a must for all financial controllers and accountants dealing with the tax issues associated with cross-border business operations.

Topics Covered

Topics covered will include:

  • Assessing the scenarios when PAYE applies in either location
  • Advice on tax matters suitable to HR strategies, pay-points and employment contracts
  • Dealing with the cash-flow and administrative costs of double PAYE withholding along with putting strategies in work place to manage the position and obtain refunds
  • Advice on the tax reliefs and procedures required for the reimbursement of cost on a tax-free basis
  • Managing the social security position on cross-border activities
  • Advice on other taxes associated with operating a cross-border business
  • Advice on procedures to manage cross-border tax risks

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