Customer Service


Customer Service
Location: UAE
AED 7,000
Course Duration: 1 Days
Category: Customer Service & Call Center


This course aims to establish a deep understanding of service excellence, define the desired customer journey, encourage self-motivation,apply creative service excellence initiatives and encourage a culture of service excellence.

 First,we assess the employees to test their customer service innate skills in order to check where the gaps are and which employees had natural tendencies to become great customer service professionals. Competencies such as adaptation,emotional intelligence, resilience, etc.. were measured by a psychometric online assessment.       

Following the assessment, an interactive employee training is designed to help participants expand their understanding on customers’ service, enhance their skills and develop outstanding communication skills.


  • The importance of customer service in a competitive environment 
  • Identifying and Addressing Customer Needs
  • Dealing with Anger
  • Identifying early signals of customer irritation and respond appropriately tofind a workable solution to the problem
  • Establishing Your Attitude and Delighting Customers


  • Help participants become professional customer service staff.
  • Support participants evaluate the client personality that will result into better service, and hence, more customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Help the participants retain customers by learning listening and questioning techniques to resolve the customer problems in effective and harmonic way.

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