Digital Marketing Expertise Masterclass


Digital Marketing Expertise Masterclass
Location: Dubai, UAE
Price: AED 12,100
Discounted Price: AED 9,990
Course Duration: 3 Days
Category: IT & Technology, Sales, Soft Skills


The digital world, particularly the world of digital marketing, offers a business the best channels to market and sell its products and services, deliver customer support and build relationships with new and existing customers. To achieve this, however, you need a comprehensive approach to digital marketing and expertise in the skills needed to use its main tools and components. Digital Marketing is a fast-evolving area; thus, to succeed in your overall Marketing strategy, you must be equipped with the latest information on the best Digital Marketing practices available. This information is delivered to you within our practical and intensive Masterclass, which provides information on how to massively boost your marketing results with the help of Digital Marketing. In this short course you will study how to use digital marketing tools such as web platforms, social media, and other digital marketing channels to effectively reach your target audience for business promotion, marketing and brand positioning. The short and intensive masterclass provides you with expertise and knowledge on such matters as:
  • Understanding of the entire landscape of digital advertising
  • Defining and attracting your digital environment target audience
  • Utilizing advanced tools to reach your audience for efficient marketing
  • Making assessment of business reputation, products and services
  • Creating an advanced digital marketing strategy and action plan


  • Introduction: The Digital Marketing Landscape
  • Key Elements of Professional Digital Marketing Scene
  • Customer centricity in digital strategy as the key to success
  • Role of Digital Marketing in professional & career development
  • Digital Marketing Fundamentals and Its Vital Role in Customer Service
  • Search Engine and Paid Marketing from the client%u2019s Viewpoint
  • Building SEO strategy with the well-adjusted focus on customers` interests
  • Social Media Marketing: Interact with Clients in A Modern Way
  • Up-to-date expert strategies for social media marketing success
  • Video is better than a Thousand Words %u2013 role and effective use of Videos
  • Email Marketing %u2013 Mailing to The Customers with Greater Results
  • Marketing in the Mobile World %u2013 landscape and its usage to reach your Customers
  • Online Display Advertising expertise %u2013 how to master your Winning Strategy
  • Top tip on how to make ads user-friendly and efficient
  • Business Reputation Management %u2013 Taking Care of Your Online Brand Image
  • Digital World and the Law %u2013 building an Online Presence in line with Regulations
  • Where Digital Marketing and Smart Technologies meet %u2013 latest trends
  • Recognizing and Impacting consumers%u2019 views via Digital Marketing
  • Revealing customers wants and needs via of the most competent practices
  • Short Look into The Future of Digital Marketing
  • Course Summary, Practice and Case Studies


Upon completion of this Masterclass, participants obtain the following knowledge and skills:

  • Expertise in effective digital marketing plans and strategies
  • Study the key digital marketing tools and their most powerful features
  • Unique mastery of digital tools for professional growth
  • Mastery of two-way communication skills with clients via social media
  • Improve websites and general online presence to achieve best outcome
  • Build long-lasting client relationships and a user-centric consumer experience
  • Effective usage of mobile solutions for controlling the digital landscape
  • Study the right online media channels to achieve highest outcome and results
  • Recognition of the power of analytics to improve campaign performance
  • Ability to rapidly boost professional growth and acquire in-demand skills
  • Understanding of the present and future of the digital marketing ecosystem



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