Employment Law for Accountants (NI)


Employment Law for Accountants (NI)
Location: Sharjah, UAE
AED 378
Course Duration: 4 Hours
Category: Finance, Accounting and Banking


Any accountant with responsibility for managing people must understand and be aware of the legal responsibilities they consist of on behalf of their company. A great grounding in employment law provides both the getting the point and the confidence to handle situations with their staff where following a legal process is a requirement.

This education provides an overview of employment law, giving practical and existing advice to accountants on the critical areas that they will come across in their day to day institution of staff.

Employment Law for Accountants enables the learner to:

  • Understand the importance of an employment contract and terms and preconditions and how to get it right when recruiting new staff
  • Learn about employee rights and how to handle situations where an issue may arise with the rights of a member of staff
  • Understand the discipline and grievance process and the process that they need to follow to ensure employment law is adhered to
  • Find out how to handle a dismissal by arming them with the legal facts they need to be aware of
  • Access existing data on the critical aspects of employment law that will support them in their role as manager
Learning outcomes

Handling Employment Contracts

  •  What is a contract?
  •  What types of contract are there?
  •  Who is involved in processing a contract?
  •  What is breach of contract?
  •  What if the contract needs to be changed?
  •  Understanding employee rights
  •  What are employee rights?
  •  What is discrimination?
  •  What are family rights?
  •  What issues are there surrounding pay?
  •  What do I need to know about time off?

Discipline and Grievance 

  •  What is the difference between “disciplinary rules” and “disciplinary procedure”?
  •  What constitutes a disciplinary matter?
  •  What are investigations?
  •  How do I take action with a disciplinary matter?
  •  What is an appeals procedure?
  •  How do I handle grievances?


  •  What is dismissal?
  •  What are fair dismissals?
  •  What notice period should there be?
  •  What is involved in a dismissal?
  •  How should I handle a redundancy?

Target Audience 

This education is designed to appeal to accountants at all levels, whether managing technical or non technical staff in business or in practice.

Those who are new to institution or are preparing to take on a institution role will find that this education provides a solid introduction to employment law.

More experienced or advanced managers will amount the opportunity to spend time refreshing their getting the point of employment law.

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