Ethical Issues for Accountants


Ethical Issues for Accountants
Location: Sharjah, UAE
AED 503
Course Duration: 5 Hours
Category: Finance, Accounting and Banking


How confident are you that you always understand the appropriate, qualified seminar of action in difficult and ambiguous situations? Ethics, integrity and sound qualified conduct are structural qualities for chartered accountants. Professional bodies contained codes to guide their members – but what impact does this contained on the day-to-day decisions that you are faced with?

Based on research carried out by David Molyneaux, and sponsored by ICAS, this seminar takes a case study approach, with realistic scenarios exploring the issues from qualified practice, family business, audit and tax, and general qualified relationships.

Topics Covered

Professional firm/general practice

  • Billing for Ernest’s cover up
  • The weekend cost claim
  • A student’s insights
  • Temptation at the tender
  • Partnership problems
  • The disaster waiting to happen

Family business

  • When cash is king
  • The directors’ unofficial loan account
  • Unhealthy foods


  • Interim results
  • Foreign corrupt practices
  • Poor charity!
  • Obligations to disclosure

Tax practice

  • Can ‘withholding tax’ be recovered?
  • Should the social security be repaid?
  • The unwelcome phone call

Professional relationships

  • An alleged intimate relationship
  • A fellow partner’s alcohol problem
  • Reasonable encouragement or devious deception?
  • A personal reference
  • How much should money matter?

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