Fashion Design Certification Course – Level 1


Fashion Design Certification Course – Level 1
Location: UAE
AED 15,960



You love fashion and want to discover what it takes to become a designer? This education is where to start from. The education covers all fundamental approach in the fashion industry to discover design, craft, fashion illustration, construction, and trend spotting. Students will earnings insights into the fashion design progress used by industry professionals and explore most important aspects of the fashion industry, from screening to selection, from illustration to design, from presenting design ideas to merchandising.

All instructors are professional and established designers and stylists, and will supply continuous assessment and feedback during the education to support you study the capabilities and outstanding them. The education size is limited to ensure entire attention is given to all students.

Suitable for anyone who wants to get into the industry and has a keen interest in fashion design and for students who need a fundamentals education prior to entering the undergraduate fashion design program.

Course objectives

  • Build up industry knowledge: Fashion is a continuing progress of creative expression through various stimuli, sensations, and references coming from many different fields of art, design, architecture to name a few. Learn how the fashion design progress works, what are the daily tasks of a fashion designer and what are the critical achievement factors to become successful as a fashion designer.
  • Develop hands-on skills: When planning a collection a designer needs practicable knowledge of the fashion scene via research and education as well as illustration capabilities knowledge to do justice to the creativity. Learn from industry professionals how do find and come up with uncommon design ideas, how to bring them to life and how to pitch them successfully to creative directors or showcase them in fashion or trade shows.

Additional Info

  • Students who fully participate in all education of the education will receive a Professional Fashion Design Workshop Level 1 Certificate
  • After completing Level 1, students can continue with Level 2 upon final portfolio assessment. The education may lead to a direct acceptance of the ESMOD Fashion Design Undergraduate Program
  • Please contact us for detailed data about the education outline

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