Freehand Drawing, Figure Drawing & Portraits For Beginners


Freehand Drawing, Figure Drawing & Portraits For Beginners
Location: UAE
AED 385
Category: Design and Creative



Drawing is a talent that lets you recreate the things in this world on a piece of paper. It is a gift that is timeless and a ability that can be learned at any age. If you love art and want to study how to draw a person in the most eye-catching way then join this class!

Naqqash, an experienced and talented artist, will teach you in data the fundamentals of free-hand drawing (drawing without using guides or erasing), figure drawing (the art of drawing human figures) and portraits. If you only want to study the essential principles of free-hand drawing you can opt for 4 sessions (12 hours). Whereas the 8 sessions (24 hours) will help dive deep in data and study how to do both figure drawing and portraits.

These classes are private 1-on-1 sessions where you can study in the comfort of your own home.

Course Outline

Freehand Drawing

  • Session 1: Elements & Principles of art
  • Session 2: Free Hand Drawing with Lead Pencil/ Charcoal Sticks
  • Session 3: Still-life Drawing
  • Session 4: Vases & Plants drawing

Figure Drawing & Portrait

  • Session 5: Life Portrait drawing
  • Session 6: Self-Portrait
  • Session 7: Life Figure Drawing
  • Session 8: Anatomy Study Drawing

Target Audience

  • Art enthusiasts
  • Art & design students
  • School art teachers
  • Students and individuals who want to prepare a portfolio of creative artwork
  • Anyone interested in developing their drawing skills

The instructor is based in Dubai. If you want to book the freehand drawing, figure drawing & portraits courses in Dubai, different rates would apply.

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