Getting to Grips with FRS 102


Getting to Grips with FRS 102
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
AED 378
Course Duration: 4 Hours
Category: Finance, Accounting and Banking


As you prepare to commercial document under the UK and RoI Generally Accepted Accounting Practice (GAAP), comprehension FRS 102 and its implications will be critical to successful implementation of the new practices.

Getting to Grips with FRS 102 enables you to:

  • Understand what FRS 102 is; its approach and principles
  • Find out about the differences from previous GAAP
  • Understand the critical issues when accounting for assets
  • Find out how FRS 102 affects employee benefits and deferred tax
  • Understand how the transition to FRS 102 will affect accounting for financial instruments
Learning Outcomes

Concepts, Principles and Presentation

  • What is the scope of FRS 102 and what are its approach and principles?
  • What are the contents of a entire set of financial statements, and what are the significant differences from previous GAAP?
  • What is the FRS 102 reduced disclosure framework?

Accounting for Assets

  • What are the main matters to be considered in relation to property, plant and equipment?
  • How is investment property accounted for under FRS 102?
  • What are the transition issues in relation to intangible assets?
  • Are leases accounted for differently under FRS 102?
  • What are the main principles of FRS 102?

Employee management benefits combinations and deferred tax

  • How will employee benefits be accounted for under FRS 102?
  • What are the changes in relation to management combinations and goodwill?
  • What are the preconditions for accounting for deferred tax under FRS 102

Accounting for financial instruments

  • Why is accounting for financial instruments likely to represent a significant issue on transition to FRS 102?
  • How are financial instruments classified?
  • How are structural financial instruments measured?
  • What are the preconditions in relation to non-basic financial instruments?

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