Henna Mixology Course


Henna Mixology Course
Location: UAE
AED 570
Category: Design and Creative



Becoming a Henna artist is not only about applying beautiful henna ornaments to yourself or others. You also need to know how to prepare and mix of your own Henna paste from powder form. In this course, you will study the secrets of making silky, smooth, dark-staining, fresh henna paste and how to hand-roll the outstanding henna cone.

This 2-day henna mixology seminar (5 hours total) will teach you both theory and hands-on application to create the outstanding henna paste. You will begin with a brief history of henna art and its uses and then improvement to specialist the mixology. Finally, create your own henna cones and study how to fill them properly with paste and do the aftercare to keep the henna designs last longer on the skin.

Class schedules are flexible depending on your requirements. You will be trained 1-on-1 or in a small group with other students (depending on your chosen schedule) by a qualified henna artist who is renowned as the first-ever internationally-certified Natural Henna Artist in the Middle East.

Course Duration: (5 hours in total)
  • Day 1: 2 hours
  • Day 2: 3 hours
Course Takeaways
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Membership to Dubai Henna International Artist group
  • Valuable Gift Bag with Practice Materials
Course Outline
  • Introduction to Henna
  • History of Ancient Henna
  • Benefits – Medicinal & Therapeutic
  • Uses – Traditional & Modern
  • Mastering Mixology
  • Sourcing Quality Henna Powder
  • Chemistry of Henna
  • Sourcing Quality Essential Oils
  • Recipes for planning the outstanding henna paste
  • Sift and strain henna paste
  • Understand and determine proper dye release
  • Troubleshoot henna consistency, staining power, and other possible issues
  • Perfecting your Henna Cones
  • Roll your own Cellophane Cones Professionally
  • Fill your Henna Cone without Making a Huge Mess
  • Several Ways to Seal your Cones
  • The Secrets to Dark Stains
  • Must Know Aftercare Information
  • Protecting Stain Integrity
  • How to Store your Henna

Certificates will be provided upon successful achievement of the course.

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