High Performance Leadership Management


High Performance Leadership Management
Price: AED 12,100
Discounted Price: AED 9,990
Course Duration: 3 Days
Category: Management, Leadership, Business, Project Management, Soft Skills


General management practices are well known, but nowadays to be “just” a manager is not sufficient. New challenges require very strong leadership skills. To be a true leader, not only should you be able to plan, delegate and control, but also know how to get the best team efficiency based on leadership and motivation. This require that you possess the necessary power, wisdom, and emotional intelligence. The High Performance Leadership Management Course from Atton Institute equips you with vital tools and certified knowledge on how to significantly boost your efficiency and apply management by leadership principles. This professional performance training course provides you with invaluable insights which ultimately boost your personal results and efficiency, as well as the fundamental principles of designing and implementing the perfect structure for your team and fostering a spirit of productivity, creativity and business performance management based on an effective leadership approach. In this advanced business performance training course provided by Atton Institute, you’ll study the best leadership management praxis and gain knowledge in such subjects as:
  • The real difference between Leadership and General Management
  • Personal skills and competencies you should possess to succeed as a Leader
  • Fundamentals, rules, and recommendations on how to build an Excellent Team
  • Inspiring an innovative culture and applying Business Performance Management
  • The superior techniques for Managing challenges and finding best solutions


  • The Role of High Performance Management & Leadership and its Evolution
  • Main Elements impacting the Management Role in the Contemporary Environment
  • Understanding Different Management Styles and their influence on efficiency
  • Defining Leadership and the Difference between Leaders and General Management
  • Establishing your Personal Competent Management by Leadership Style
  • Leadership Element as the Factor which outperforms Management
  • Leadership and Motivation %u2013 Key Tools which Make your Team the Best
  • Leadership %u2013 Natural Born vs. Self-Built Leaders %u2013 how to Become a True Leader
  • Personal Emotional Intelligence, Self-Confidence and other Skills of a First-Class Leader
  • Building a High Performance Business Team with clear Objectives and Manager role
  • Stages of Team Building, Team Roles, & developing Efficient Team Culture
  • Team Designing, Structuring and Fine-Tuning to achieve Outstanding Performance
  • Development and Implementation of Performance Management for Sustainable Growth
  • Tools to properly Monitor and Secure Sustainable & Long-Term Team Performance
  • HR Fundamentals for Manager - guide to successful Human Resources Management
  • Best methods to Inspire Innovative Culture and implement Innovative Business Ideas
  • Unified Approach and Techniques to Manage various Challenges and Find Solutions
  • Guidance and Personal Action Plan to Achieve High Performance with Leadership


By the end of this Atton Institute advanced business performance training course, participants will learn and be able to:

  • Know the various Management functions, skills and associated essentials
  • Study key Managerial certified competencies essential for handling your duties
  • Significantly boost personal efficiency after the performance training completion
  • Distinguish between the different motivational methods and how to utilize them
  • Employ a variety of analytical tools and methods to deal with business challenges
  • Discover and apply professional Leadership traits and praxis critical for your success
  • Learn and effectively apply a wide range of certified skills required for a Leader
  • Understand the emotional aspects of your team, colleagues and customers
  • Develop High Performance Leadership competencies and skills to motivate employees
  • Know the best personal Management practices and results - targeted Leadership
  • Build the foundation for continuous business performance and sustainable growth



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