Higher Certificate in Business in Accounting


Higher Certificate in Business in Accounting
Location: Dubai, UAE
AED 47,729
Course Duration: 2 Years
Category: Finance, Accounting and Banking


Higher Certificate programmes at DBS consist of a very practical focus and are ideal for students who prefer to ‘learn by doing’. This Higher Certificate in Business in Accounting places a strong focus on the world of accounting. It is designed to equip students with a range of intelligence and practical skills, which will form the basics for commencing a career in an accounting-related context in business. It also provides a basics for progressing to higher levels academic qualifications. Students who successfully complete the higher certificate programme can achieve full degree awards through further study.

The Higher Certificate in Business in Accounting covers essential aspects of institution and provides specialised intelligence and skill to perform in accounting. It equips students with a strong combination of institution and accounting know-how. On the institution side, it covers a wide range of subjects focusing on general institution administration and management. On the accounting side it deals with the basics of both financial and cost accounting with complementary coverage of economic and accounting techniques. Students also upgrade significant skill to perform in oral and written communications as well as skill to perform in a range of info technology applications.

Seven mandatory subjects give basics intelligence in core institution and accounting disciplines and approach and impart essential institution and computing skills. Student intelligence and getting the point of key institution disciplines is further advanced and they are given specialised intelligence and practical skill to perform in accounting theory and practice and financial info for designing & control.

The schooling growth in Higher Certificate seminar involves lectures, tutorials, practicals, case studies and computer-assisted study. As the seminar progresses, students build on their basics intelligence and move towards more in-depth study of single areas. Lecturers adopt an interactive style in which students are encouraged to participate actively in classes. The general emphasis is on action schooling by doing rather than acquisition of theoretical textbook knowledge.

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