Learn 1-out-5 Popular Dance Styles!


Learn 1-out-5 Popular Dance Styles!
Location: Dubai, UAE
AED 180
Category: Dance



Move to the groove, work out, and meet new friends in this fun dance class!

Explore the colorful world of dance and choose to learn any of the five popular styles. In this 1-hour group class, you will be taught the very fundamentals of your chosen style from footwork, hand movements, choreography and other intricacies of the dance. Apart from training a new virtuosity or hobby, dancing provides you with a exceptional cardio workout which is exceptional for developing endurance and aiding weight loss. Plus, you’ll meet new friends who share your interest in dancing!

Kids and adults are welcome to join this fun courses even those without prior dancing experience. Choose from 4 or 8 sessions and your instructor will contact you upon booking to arrange a convenient schedule. You will be placed in the right group based on your age, virtuosity level, and preferred dance style.

Chose your dance style from the list below:

  • Hip-Hop: This high-energy funk-style dance involves freestyle or improvisation moves choreographed to follow fast beats.
  • Contemporary: This expressive dance style combines the elements of modern, jazz, lyrical and classical ballet with different approach that convey emotions through body movements & facial expressions
  • Freestyle Bollywood: This dance is a beautiful blend of different Indian and modern dance styles including classical, folk, RnB & hip hop
  • Semi-classical & Indian Folk: Combining classical, contemporary and authentic Indian folk dance forms, this dance is known for its fluid & less complicated choreography
  • Aerobics & Zumba: Technically not a dance style, but this courses is best for those who are looking for a fun workout, unaware of shedding calories while grooving to some upbeat music!

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