Master of Professional Business Etiquette


Master of Professional Business Etiquette
Location: Dubai, UAE
Price: AED 12,100
Discounted Price: AED 9,990
Course Duration: 3 Days
Category: Administrative, Office Skills & Secretarial, Management, Leadership, Business, Soft Skills


Customers in today’s world are more demanding and better informed than ever before. That’s why it is crucial to ensure that the buyer experience meets and, ideally, exceeds customers’ expectations. To meet this objective, a solid knowledge of modern business etiquette must be secured and delivered within all forms and phases of interaction with clients. This Masterclass is essential for all professionals who have extensive direct or indirect contact with customers and aim to ensure that the client experience with the company is delivered at the highest level of quality. Course attendees study the main principles of consumer communication etiquette, learn the prerequisites of business etiquette and conflict management, and explore the full power of various communication channels and techniques. Upon completion of this Atton Institute course, participants will have mastered all the etiquette skills that are required in today’s business world. This class expands on the vision of the importance and power of business etiquette and builds participants’ confidence in all types of scenarios. The training sessions cover:
  • True importance and value of Etiquette and the Client Experience
  • Particular regulations and norms within the international environment
  • How to Master communication efficiency and overcome barriers
  • How to handle and cope with conflict and uncomfortable situations
  • Key points on Dos and Don’ts in different communication scenarios


  • Importance of Excellent Customer Experience in the modern business environment
  • Consumer Service Mastery as the quintessential tool to Outperform Competition
  • Reasons why a Consumer Centricity approach guarantees a Winning Strategy
  • Business Etiquette %u2013 Essentials for everyone who Interacts with Clients
  • Exploring the nuances of intercultural Business Etiquette
  • Perfection of Email Etiquette skills: a must for Professional Success
  • Achieving Telephone Communication Excellence %u2013 Telephone Etiquette rules
  • Difficult Clients %u2013 creating a blueprint on how to Resolve various cases Effectively
  • CX Communication Etiquette: Mastering interactions %u2013 best practices from Experts
  • %u201CDos%u201D and %u201CDon%u2019ts%u201D in face to face conversation %u2013 Sacred Rules You Must Know
  • How the correct Attitude and Etiquette help you achieve Customer Care Excellency
  • Managing emotions %u2013 Techniques on how to Control yourself in critical situations
  • Handling Conflict Situations correctly and overcoming them with Etiquette Skills
  • Understanding the positive Role of Complaints in the modern Consumer World
  • Practical aspects of using modern Etiquette Principles in different types of Business
  • Clients with Disabilities %u2013 International standards and praxis you must identify
  • How to succeed when applying the Standards of Etiquette inside a company
  • Summary %u2013 course action plan to Master Top Tips of Etiquette principles


Participants master their etiquette knowledge and skills and, upon course completion, are able to:

  • Understand the importance of Etiquette in a modern world of Customer Service
  • Use the principles of Etiquette for career growth through understanding people
  • Study insights on how to improve your personal link with online buyers
  • Deal and communicate face-to-face with consumers successfully
  • Apply psychology tips for making and securing an overall positive impression
  • Handle complaints and utilize techniques for dealing with difficult customers
  • Interact professionally with clients from different cultures and backgrounds
  • Master ways to develop & maintain a positive, customer-focused attitude
  • Guarantee outstanding consumer service techniques to generate new business
  • Enhance customers%u2019 experience & loyalty via great client service
  • Improve performance via the practice of exceptional etiquette principles



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