QuickBooks 2013 for Contractors


QuickBooks 2013 for Contractors
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
AED 253
Course Duration: Flexible
Category: Finance, Accounting and Banking


Contractors enclose many rare bookkeeping needs, so we’ve created this coaching from the ground up specifically for the construction industry. In this six-week course, you’ll study how to use the Premier Contractor Edition of QuickBooks 2013 to run your organisation more efficiently. Lessons are clearly illustrated and include step-by-step instructions to supply you hands-on practice with the features you’re sure to use every day. You’ll discover how to create custom, professional-looking contract estimates and perform time tracking, and you’ll study the different techniques you can use to bill your clients, including how to use the QuickBooks growth invoicing and job-costing features. You’ll find out how to deal with tricky situations, like change orders and retainage requirements, and you’ll study how to properly set up accounts, items, customers, and jobs. All along the way, you’ll discover how to avoid many of the big and often costly mistakes contractors commonly make with QuickBooks. Finally, you’ll study how specific transactions impact all your various accounts, and even profit some techniques to protect your organisation from fraud, prepare for tax time, and generate useful and dynamic reports.

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