Top 10 Courses that Will Help You in Career Growth and Development

Top 10 Courses that Will Help You in Career Growth and Development

You stuck and don’t know how to go further in the career ladder? Need fresh ideas, fresh knowledge, and skills? Where can you get them? That’s right, in professional courses and training. We present you 10 courses that will help you in career promotion and personal growth not only in the UAE but also abroad.

  1. Professional development courses. A very general name, isn’t it? Typically, these courses present techniques in presentation, the basics of business communication, how to write cover letters, CVs, letters of appreciation, etc. It does not matter what area you work in, and what kind of professional knowledge is required for your position, everyone should have soft skills, at least at the basic level, in order to plan own work, to be able to introduce yourself and your work, to establish work in a team and be able to communicate correctly with customers and partners. And these skills are no less important than professional knowledge – hard skills, but as practice shows, people often ignore them and do not pay proper attention to development in this direction, and that is wrong!
  2. Business etiquette. Of course, you can find courses and training on business etiquette that are part of the general education program at universities and colleges, but not all the people understand the importance of such small things (at first glance) as a proper handshake, self-presentation, and choosing the right moment to give way. Sometimes it plays a key role in making a decision on the job placement. This can (and should) be learned by everyone so that impeccable manners to become the additional tool for career growth.
  3. Social networks. Social networks began to gain popularity about 20 years ago and gradually conquered the whole world. Now you can hardly find a person who is in one way or another is not connected with social networks. For that reason, social networks have gained tremendous popularity as advertising platforms, and it’s no surprise that marketers are trying to make full use of this resource for promoting goods and services. Even if you are not directly involved in digital marketing, you have to know the basics of SMM and the work of social networks in general, so that courses aimed at learning in this direction continue to gain popularity.
  4. Fundamentals of psychology. We contact with other people in one way or another: customers, partners, competitors, etc. The ability to understand the feelings and emotions of other people and the motives of their actions allow you to rapidly go up on the career ladder and get a managerial position because with a good knowledge of psychology you can establish effective work of your team. Aren’t you aiming to the managerial position, attending various professional courses?
  5. Fundamentals of business communication. As we have already mentioned, business communication is one of the key soft skills that any specialist unquestionably needs. The ability to clearly, and quickly express your thoughts will help you to move up the career ladder. All professionally successful people know the basics of business communication and use this knowledge. The ability to formulate sentences correctly and clearly and present own thoughts is almost the key element to achieve professional success. If you speak confidently and correctly, you are considered as the professional – it’s the hard fact.
  6. The basics of statistics. This will seem like a boring continuation of school mathematics to many of us, but statistics courses are very useful in career growth. Marketing and sociological research, analysis of the company’s work, forecasts and planning – all this relies on statistical data. And if you have a gap in this area, it can greatly complicate career advancement, especially if you are striving for a leadership position or work related to marketing and sales.
  7. Personal trainer courses. Courses for personal trainers are about training in the field of individual fitness programs for clients. Training includes methods to optimize aerobic conditioning, gain strength, muscle mass, flexibility, etc. Progress does not stand still, and personal trainers should constantly improve their skills, offering new services to potential customers. A personal trainer can work either in a public hall or a private client’s house, or corporate fitness centers. As a rule, when applying for a job, a candidate is required to pass an examination or a test, and a certificate of completion of the relevant courses is a significant advantage over competitors. Why did we put these courses on the list of the most popular ones? It is expected that this market will grow rapidly in the UAE in the coming years, so if you are planning professional development in this area, it’s time to sign up for courses for personal trainers.
  8. Courses for restaurant managers. It’s no secret that the tourist business is now on the rise in the UAE, respectively hotel and restaurant business is in need of high-quality personnel. That’s why courses in restaurant management are now becoming more and more popular. The demand for restaurant managers will only grow. The basis for communication with customers, the basics of etiquette, the skills of team management (taking into account the specifics of this particular business), motivation and methods for solving conflict situations are included in the training program for these specialists. Diploma or a certificate of completion of specialized courses can be your first step towards professional success in this field.
  9. Financial management courses. Generally speaking, everyone should know the basics of financial management, at least in order to properly plan a personal or family budget. As for the managers of organizations, this knowledge is essential for the analysis and evaluation of various business problems and models, development strategies and the solution of management, finance, and accounting problems. Given that the UAE economy is developing very rapidly, the demand for professional managers with good knowledge of finance will only grow.
  10. Website development. Any company must have a website. Today it is an axiom in the business world. And since the site is, in fact, a company’s face, it must be beautiful, convenient and functional. The entire army of professional developers is working to meet the growing demand for website development, more and more people replenish this army of web-designers every day. Today, web design is the extremely promising direction in which you can make a wonderful career, or work as a freelancer because the demand for sites was, is and will be.


So, you want to grow and develop professionally and do not know where to start? Our advice is simple – find the best training courses for you, thanks to which you will get new knowledge, skills, and ideas for your own growth.

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