General Questions

  • JobPro is the digital job & career information service online board that helps with right matching of individuals who are seeking a job and employers who are looking for and hire such people.
  • The core region which is presently covered by JobPro is UAE and other GCC countries.
  • Both job seekers who are looking to progress their career and employers who would like to hire the right professionals from the selection of the best candidates.
  • Follow our blog, guidance articles, and our website. We are always keeping you informed about what’s happening in specific sectors, and we regularly report information about career-boosting events, options for professional growth and varios job opportunities in the region.
  • We understand the importance of security of personal information. To protect your information whilst registering, uses industry standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption to encrypt and secure your data. Whilst registering and signing in, you'll notice the address changes to begin with https:// - this shows that SSL encryption is working.
  • We cover nearly every industry and job function at all levels - from entry to senior management. There should be something to be of interest for everyone.
  • You can effortlessly place the open vacancy add with the detailed info on the candidate you are looking for and the most interested and suitable candidates will send you their information and CVs, which you can short-list and choose the right candidate for your open position.
  • JobPro features thousands of jobs across nearly every job function and industry. The job listings are updated daily and you have the great opportunity to find on our website your dream job.

FAQs for Employers:

  • No, our Services are presently absolutely free for Employers. So, whether you are a fresh-started company, a mid-size firm or the leading corporation, you can quickly become a user of our job portal and use all its benefits at no extra costs for you.
  • No, this is presently free service for Employers. Once you post the job opening, you will start receiving relevant applications in your inbox.
  • You can filter for a specific category and view Profile listing corresponding to that category. The resumes are listed in the reverse chronological order. It means the latest application would be on the top.
  • Please check your user id and password and make sure you entered the data correctly. Note: sign-in details are case-sensitive. Delete cookies and disable JavaScript from your web browser. If problems are not solved, send us mail at

FAQs for Job Seekers:

  • Yes. Registration is presently completely FREE for job seekers.
  • If you want to register as a Job Seeker for free click on the link - out the required fields and click the “Create account” button.
  • Registered Job Seekers can subscribe to job adverts and job categories. You will also have your complete CV & profile that can be searched by job advertisers and employers from the UAE and the GCC region. We advise job seekers to complete their online job CV profile so that they can increase the chance to be reviewed by employers.
  • Make sure that you completed and updated your online CV profile. You can upload your CV in .DOC, .DOCX, .RTF and .PDF formats.
  • We understand how difficult is to write an excellent CV and covering letter for your job applications. You can always take a look at our blog to read more information about creating the perfect CV and covering letter.
  • Use our Job Search Filter on the left-hand side of the page. This option lets you filter the job posts by date posted, vacancy, location and/or industry.
    Also, you can type the keywords you want to search by into the text box “Search Keywords” and click Enter.
  • Choose a job post that you liked and click on the button “Apply Now”.
  • To reset your password go to “Forgot Password?”
    Type the email address that you used to create your user account and click on “Send email”. Afterwards, check your email box and find the email with the further instructions.

FAQs for Courses Visitors :

  • JobPro / Courses Section is the specialized online platform that helps to connect course providers with individuals who are looking for public courses for personal development and with companies who are looking for public and in-house courses to increase performance and results.
  • With the help of JobPro, you can choose within numerous courses from various providers and decide which option is perfect for you and meets all your requirements.
  • Visit the page of the chosen course and send your inquiry over the form that you`ll find on the course page. Course provider will receive your enquiry and would contact you shortly.
  • Detailed descriptions, which are provided by each courses provider, allow you to get all the info on what will be delivered through each course. If you didn’t find the information you were looking for, please fill in the inquiry form and ask course provider about particular elements of course content you are interested in. Alternatively, you can contact JobPro team, and we can help you to find the right course.
  • Start with choosing the category you are interested; then check the options which are offered. Once you find your particular area of interest - start to narrow results with filters such as location, duration, and price.
  • The modern fast-paced world continually requires updated knowledge, thus continuing professional education becomes mandatory for everyone who wants to succeed. By attending right courses, you increase your potential for promotion and greater career. Great qualifications you get on specific courses are your opportunity to stand out among the numerous candidates and achieve great results at your workplace.
  • JobPro can help you to connect you with the best in-house training providers. Simply visit the In-house Courses page and fill in the form to inquire about the training you are seeking for. We will inform all respective courses providers that meet your requirements, and they will contact you to offer the best in-house solutions.

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