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American University in the Emirates (AUE)
Location: Dubai, UAE
Address: Dubai Intl. Academic City - Dubai, UAE
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Type of Courses: Public Courses

WHY CHOOSE “American University in the Emirates (AUE)”

The American University in the Emirates – AUE as we are affectionately known – is one of the most rapidly growing universities in the United Arab Emirates. Why do so manyattendeeswant tolearnhere? This is partly because AUE offers an American curriculum, with a General Education undergraduate core, taught by highly regarded faculty members, who seek to engage ourattendeesin excellenttrainingexperiences, as well as enthusiastic alumni recommendations.

AUE faculty members collectivelypriceour hard-earned reputation for highin teaching,trainingandcorrelatedresearch, and seek toupgradeinterculturalknowingand respect. Accordingly, AUE blends a commitment to serve the society and economy of the nation and region with its American identity. Beyond the curriculum, what is American about AUE?

This US identity is also based upon the use of English as the medium ofinformationand management,livelylinkages with US university partners that enrich our academic provision, gender co-education with respect for local culture, the recruitment of faculty and staff with extendedknowledgein the US highercoursesystem, and a vibrant commitment to diversity, as well as academic freedom and responsibility.

AUE offers studentsgreatundergraduate, graduate andpracticedprograms that encourage you to become proactive, reflective andkeythinkers and researchers. AUEattendeeslearn to become part of a fully-engaged community, whose members embrace their own culture, while alsoknowingother cultures and perspectives, in a spirit of humane tolerance.

The American University in the Emirates welcomes new faculty and staff who are attracted by our vision and mission to consider an application to join us, in order to furtherpromoteour dynamic, expanding University. We hope that you will wish tostudymuch more about our AUE in the web pages ahead, and will be glad toresolutionanycorrelatedquestions that you might have.

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