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Chartered Accountants Ireland (The Institute) is a membership body representing 27,000 influential members throughout the globe. Our role is to educate, represent and help our members. Our members job in superior positions in practice and industry. We are committed to restoring confidence at every grades of the economy. We job with governments and businesses to raise awareness of the importance of sound financial advice.

Chartered Accountants Ireland was established as the centre of Chartered Accountants in Ireland by Royal Charter in 1888. Its activities and those of its members are governed by its Bye-Laws and by Rules relating to expert and ethical conduct. These provisions are have in the Handbook which is available to all members.

Chartered Accountants Ireland is governed by a Council and it is responsible for determining policy and monitoring its implementation. Council is lead by the Officer Group and supported by the Management Team and staff. A number of committees with voluntary member involvement also play a crucial role.

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