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Cornerstone College of International Studies
Location: Sharjah, UAE
Course Categories: Finance, Accounting and Banking
Type of Courses: Public Courses

WHY CHOOSE “Cornerstone College of International Studies”

Cornerstone College of International Studies (CCIS) was established in 2011 in both emirates, Fujairah and Ras Al Khaimah. Its institution was started by a vision of the Founder and the Managing Director of CCIS, Dr. Dinesh Dhamija, who worked as a institution professor and marketing director in one of the prestigious university in United Arab Emirates.

CCIS has four campuses now. All campuses are equipped with different services such as libraries, IT laboratories, classrooms, and conference rooms. Most attendees for these campuses are taking up Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D degree programs. CCIS serves as a gateway to profit worldwide achievement from universities in different countries such as UK, Canada, Europe, India and Pakistan. Individuals seeking worldwide degree from universities of such countries can study locally in UAE and still earn internationally accredited and recognized qualifications.

It is noteworthy that having strong partnerships with internationally recognized Awarding Bodies and Universities such as Edexcel Pearson, Evergreen College, University of Wolverhampton, Cyprus centre of Marketing, centre of Training and Occupational Learning UK, Shobhit University, Banasthali University, Board of School and Technical Education and others; would be the outstanding means to provide individuals a wide scope of options on areas they would like to specialize.

CCIS has employed dynamic and enthusiastic full time and part-time instructors who are skillful in their respective areas. CCIS believes that theoretical understanding matched with broad industrial job understanding provide attendees with greater understanding and capacity horizon. This is what makes CCIS to be the first choice to be embraced by lots of attendees and business professionals.

Cornerstone College of International Studies is a functional intensive business transforming understanding into experience. We are providing access to higher training opportunities which are inexpensive, market focused, and contemporary. By enforcing research oriented thinking, professionalism and ethical practices, we are preparing our attendees for the globalization, 21st century difficulties and competitive business environment.

Cornerstone College of International Studies will be leader in academic, vocational and skillful training through service, entrepreneurship, complete institution and continuous skillful development. Our aim is to provide customized achievement in order to cater to the social, economic and technological needs of the region.

Students at CCIS come from a diverse backgrounds of different social, regional and cultural backgrounds. Once a part of CCIS, attendees are provided a state of the art environment which encourages them to think outside the box, excel in what they want to become and achieve their aims in life. CCIS has no discrimination policy and entertains everyone who meets the minimum admissible criteria.

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