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Customer Magazine
Location: Dubai, UAE
Course Categories: Customer Service & Call Center, Education & Teaching, HR & Recruitment, Management, Leadership, Business, Other
Type of Courses: Public Courses, In-house Courses

WHY CHOOSE “Customer Magazine”

Customer Magazine is a professional magazine that is focused on shedding the light on the customers and how business can perform establishing of better communication with them to achieve greater results. 

Certified courses on professional development and customer experience in Dubai, the UAE, are the proven tool for professional development. The courses, which we provide, are the fundamental courses that are delivered by professional UAE education providers and are dedicated to the most relevant issues in consumer service and customer experience. These are the courses for entrepreneurs, staff members, managers, and CEOs. When completing a course, the participants receive the respective certificate of successful course accomplishment.

Courses deliver important knowledge in the shortest period. All our Dubai courses are highly intense, focused on building leadership and other qualifications and on raising qualified professionals. All training sessions within the courses and programs are designed in accordance with the latest up-to-date trends in the global and the UAE education industry.

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