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Built up in 2006 in DIAC, ESMOD Dubai is the qualified in fashion seminar in the middle east and the main school completely devoted to fashion. Students figure out how to design and generate women’s wear, menswear, kidswear clothing in ready to wear, extravagant ready to wear, creator, new couture and high fashion.

The sole organization completely devoted to fashion design seminar in the UAE – Esmod is the most established fashion school and the global network pioneer in fashion training. The year that Alexis Lavigne established a fashion design school, he designed teaching strategies in light of a furtively protected ability. When he passed away, his family kept up the school’s custom by proceeding to teach his strategies.


To be the superior fashion training provider in the Middle East and to add to the inventive and economic improvement of the UAE by molding the upcoming pioneers of the area’s design business with French polished methodology.


To uncover and sustain the inventive independence, stylish sense and predominant clothing making abilities of attendees through our extraordinary down to earth techniques evaluated by the design business and to help our Alumni in the fundamentals of their own fashion organizations.

We support and coach our attendees to build up their capacity to deliver fastidious expressions of fashion design.

We fortify their drive for magnificence, their business and their excitement to explore different avenues regarding ‘thinking outside the box’.

Development and imagination are essential themes of our teaching philosophy and educational programs. Our continuously refreshed courses take after the perpetually changing style patterns.

We empower our attendees and staff to convey uninhibitedly and straightforwardly and to take part in enquiry that is educated by both scholarly thoroughness and research of fashion business controls and methods.

Our exceptionally cooperative education atmosphere is a leading setting for an dynamic blend of identities to prosper. It enables our attendees and staff to express a range of sentiments, aspirations and longings.

Students taking an interest in our very intuitive education procedures find this to be a convincing education encounter: they grow new aptitudes to extend their skill for business and long lasting self-improvement by taking part in reflection and self-examination.

Through the organization we manufacture with individual students, they procure the center abilities of professionally trained design specialists. They are prepared to grasp change and can without much of a stretch adjust to developing patterns and new advancements.

We keep in contact with our attendees after graduation. They are equipped for playing an influential position in the global fashion business and of making a noteworthy commitment to the design business.

As energetic members of our numerous business affiliations, our graduates symbolize the qualities and customs that are the distinctive components of ESMOD Dubai.

Our graduates are living personifications of the ESMOD Dubai Philosophy.

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