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Institute of Professional Accountants (IPA)
Address: 30 El-Nasr St. El Jazair Sq., El Maadi - Cairo, Egypt
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Type of Courses: Public Courses

WHY CHOOSE “Institute of Professional Accountants (IPA)”

The centre of Professional Accountants IPA was established in 2006. . IPA is providing success for those wishing to task in financial Accounting and Analysis, Project Management, Managerial Accounting, Internal Audit; and continued professional training for professional Accountants. The centre sets technical and ethical standards for its members.

In May 2010 and Appreciation for the efforts of the centre of IPA to help professional accountants, superior officials of the centre of IMA visited the centre of IPA to help the needs of members of the IMA in the area and also on the education of CMA and the future of the accounting profession of finance and management, to continue creating partnerships and strengthening professional certification for the enhancement of the profession of institution accounting and the training of performance and potential of practitioners of this profession in Egypt and in the Middle East.

In 14/11/2010 IPA Was added to the education centers for (CAOA) Central Agency for Organization and Administration at the national level.

We constantly update our grade and professional knowledge requirements. This ensures that our members and attendees are first choice for employers who are recruiting professional management leaders.
We are committed to upholding the highest ethical and professional standards, and to maintaining public assurance in institution accounting.

Our Members, who are known as Certified Accountants, Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Public Accountant, Certified Internal Auditor are employed in industry, financial services, the public sector, or in multinational organizations.

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