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WHY CHOOSE “Micro Academy”

Started by a technocrat in 1995 as a technology-training centre, we contained since branched into recruitment and consultancy as a natural extension of our facilities to our clients. As we matured, we enhanced the offerings. We now also offer train-to-hire staffing results to meet the active business needs of our clients. We organize dedicated and targeted recruitment initiatives for specific needs of our clients.

Our core strength in the seminar area being IT Infrastructure, we contained a full getting the point of our clients needs in this niche area. We bring this skill to bear on our recruitment facilities and offerings to our clients.

Our industry organization has been nurtured over these several years. We enjoy preferred partner grades with IIIT-B (International organization of Information Technology – Bangalore). We task with Wipro Limited as an Alliance Partner.

Over the years, we contained built a dedicated and skilled workforce consisting of experienced and trained professionals. We contained a rich diversity in terms of breadth and depth of experience.

To support engineer your triumph with our high seminar and sourcing services. In an environment where technology drives the way you do business, we make sure we stay on the cutting edge and contained access to the technology of the future. Our mission is to bring this to you and deliver it at the highest quality, in the form of facilities and support.

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Micro Academy (I) Pvt. Ltd is an ISO 9001:2008 business headquartered in Bangalore. Since its inception in 1995 Micro Academy specializes in corporate seminar and recruitment for the IT industry. Micro Academy has trained over 50,000 professionals in over 25 countries and sourced over 5000 professionals in its 17 years of existence. Micro Academy also specializes in the Train-to-Hire model which has been most beneficial to its esteemed clients who are constantly looking for innovative approach to reduce cost, limit bench, and upgrade overall productivity and accountability.

Micro Academy provides competitive advantage to its clients for over a decade. We never lose sight of the fact that we are in the people business. We leverage on our strength to task place people who can fit easily into the culture of an business and share its values. We deliver the help and skill which our clients need for planning, implementing, and maintaining an efficient and effective data technology (IT) environment.

Our seminar team offers high-end IT seminar to our clients. Our team combines technology skill to perform with rich domain skill and comprises instructors who specialize in a wide range of technologies. Our strategic alliances with international giants give us access to the new technologies and education in the industry. We specialize in trainings correlated to IT Infrastructure Management.

The trainings are conducted using state-of-the-art facilities. In a significant departure from the traditional teaching methodology that separates the theory and the practical sessions, the programs at Micro Academy are highly interactive with concurrent theory and practical sessions. The practical sessions ensure an immersive hands-on experience. These sessions also impart crucial trouble-shooting skills, which are much sought after by the industry.

The seminar at Micro Academy is so constructed using state-of-the-art infrastructure as to give the participators with simulation of real-life production environment. In this context, as proprietary RISC-based machines are needed to run the different flavors of UNIX, we impart trainings on such machines.

One of the main advantages for our clients is our skill to tailor programs to meet their specific and bespoke requirements. Our trainings are also so structured as to give us and the clients with regular feedback on the growth and the performance of the courses. Our ISO-driven methodology helps us in adhering to the defined requirements.

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