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Dubai Henna International Academy
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Learn the centuries-old art of henna as a worthwhile hobby or to venture and perform henna as a business.

This 3-day (7 hours total) certified henna planning education offers students an chance to study hands-on all the essential designs of the amazing art form of henna needed to create henna patterns, from small flowers to large paisley designs. Designed for complete beginners this education is ideal if you want to study more about the amazing art form of henna, using traditional approach to create stunning, intricate and long lasting designs.

Class schedules are flexible depending on your requirements. You will be trained 1-on-1 or in a small group with other students (depending on your chosen schedule) by a skillful henna artist who is renowned as the first-ever internationally-certified Natural Henna Artist in the Middle East.

A one stop shop for all your body art needs. We never compromise on customers’ safety & quality, hence our products are renowned to be the best in the market. Our customers are retailers, wholesalers, salons, skillful henna artists and every individual who loves body art around the world.

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