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We offer more than 30 open-enrollment and customized courses in the central disciplines of Leadership and Management Practice, Business and Professional Development, Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation,Marketing and Brand Management, Accounting and Finance, Corporate Governance and HR Solutions.

No matter what grades of your CAREER journey you are participating in our Executive Training & Development courses that will enable you to maximize your impact in your management Click Training Management

Effective Financial Management System enables you to make informed management decisions by providing regular, timely and suitable financial and statistical information. We can offer FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT CONSULTANCY to fill a short-term gap as well as provide PART TIME CFO to lead long-term projects.

We are able to react to any training requirement with speed and efficiency due to our comprehensive experiences, the high standard of our staff and pool of our resources.

We adopt up-to-date Training techniques to keep up with continuous scientific and technological advances Selectively recruiting and appointing members with the leading qualifications, experiences and interaction with learners and the market needs. Adopting modern Training and education methodology which emphasize trainees’ active participation and making them part of the training process. Our training method is a blend of modern management, spirituality and science.

The world of work is changing and our Training Center is one of the growing Training Centers in the region which participates in shaping that change. There is a growing demand for both flexibility and capabilities on the part of the workforce. In relation to our operating business, these solutions in our two distinct approaches to the market.
For positions that require general skills, we offer specialized solutions, focusing on business know-how and cost leadership. This also means ensuring continuity and nurturing long-term relationships with our Customers.

Attracting practiced capabilities requires “EXPERTS” in our network. Their in-depth practiced intelligence amongst our employees enables us to find and provide challenging consecutive assignments which offer exceptional perspectives for career development. In both approaches to the market, it is our goal to focus on operational excellence, higher specialization and efficient delivery models As the international leader in HR services, we are aware that traditional patterns of employment will continue to evolve in the years to come. We therefore want to encourage the present and future generations to see change as opportunity in myriad forms. We want to invite people to accept tomorrow’s challenges with assurance and to join us in shaping the future of the workplace.

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Global Solutions Training Institute
Location: Dubai, UAE
Price Range AED 25,000 or more
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This two day workshop is is specially planned for the beginners and intermediate users of Autocad. Anyone who are interested in education Autocad also accepted. In this workshop the essential operation capacity of drawing, modifying and modeling will be discussed...... more