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SYSCOMS, begun as Syscoms Information Technology organization in 1990 in Abu Dhabi, has formed and advanced into an eminent education business with branches in Al Ain and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates and also having its existence in Doha, Qatar. It was made to take care of the expanding demand for continuing academic foundations in the district that would give valuable facilities and certificated education which would be acknowledged locally and universally. The requirement for such a basics was envisioned out of our understanding of running a education institution since 1990, in Abu Dhabi. Syscoms College has set its vision to give higher educational prospects to the national and expat students. Syscoms College offers a Post-higher secondary study session for males and females of all gatherings and gives them chances to get viable information, aptitudes and qualities.

It is an academic basics of an eminent organization in the Gulf district, LULU Group International which is well known for its prominent chain of hypermarkets, markets, departmental stores and shopping centers. School is a student focused, all inclusive and imaginative school, dedicated to academic magnificence that advances the deep rooted educational process of its students while fortifying the financial, social and cultural existence of its differing groups. The school advances student achievement by giving high caliber, adaptable, available academic programs and services; progressing pluralism, consideration and global awareness; and going about as a catalyst and partner for a Higher Education in UAE. In the period of 20 years since the beginning of the basics in Abu Dhabi, all the way back in 1990, we contained gone far by planning up branches for the organization in Al Ain and Dubai in UAE and Doha, in Qatar. School was built up in 2005 at Abu Dhabi.

SYSCOMS offers various short certificate education in proceeding with academic industry that will give the students a solid basics and progressive education of their chosen course. In addition, on conclusion of the session they can quickly discover work at passage levels and different positions. We always service our students by designing free lectures on various subjects to prepare their general identities. The institution will deliver programs which will be based on a sound succession of educating and directions supported by normal evaluations of its students. Modified education will service the students to pick their time and study at their own convenience as indicated by their interests and needs.

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