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WHY CHOOSE “National Design Academy”

The National Design Academy is proud to offer a comprehensive range of design coaching that enclose been specially designed to lead attendees from beginner levels right up to a expert masters degree. All of our diploma coaching are validated by AIM Awards whilst our levels coaching are fully accredited by Staffordshire University, making them nationally and internationally recognised in most countries.

We are proud to enclose over 25 years knowledge offering UK and overseas attendees a range of online interior design courses. The company may enclose evolved, sophisticated and improved over these past 25 years but the core ethos of the National Design Academy has always remained the same; to provide flexible and accessible design training to all students.

Here at the National Design Academy we are passionate about encouraging and supporting all of our attendees to service them further their careers by expanding their knowledge of interior design and other design correlated areas. We deliver training and coaching for the design industry through studio or online distance learning coaching and specialise in planning flexible, part-time programmes to fit around every day task or family commitments. This approach enables our attendees to successfully earnings accomplishment at Diploma, Bachelors Degree or Masters Level, all of which are nationally and internationally recognised in most countries.

The National Design Academy has attendees from over 60 countries, learning for interior design correlated diplomas or degrees online via our Virtual Learning Studio website. Enroling on an online distance learning coaching means that attendees are able to Attain a fully accredited British degree from the comfort of their own home, without the need to comply with visa regulations.

At the National Design Academy, design is our passion, we strongly believe in the cost and beauty of interior design and aim to make this knowledge and levels of training accessible to all. The National Design Academy offers a uncommon route into design training whilst still allowing attendees a flexible and integrated approach into a future career in interior design.

The flexibility and ease of learn of the coaching offered here at the National Design Academy means that many attendees across the globe enclose enrolled on one of our courses. At present we are proud to enclose attendees from over 60 different countries enjoying the challenges and depth of learning provided by a National Design Academy course.

The National Design Academy is often celebrated for delivering high quality, fully accredited coaching that are accessible to all as well as offering the UK’s only online Masters Degree in Interior Design and the UK’s only online BA (Hons) Degree in Heritage Interior Design as well as Retail Design.

Through our partnership with Staffordshire University, we train and upgrade interior design attendees to become experts in the industry and service each individual student earnings in belief when looking to process onto individual projects or setting up new design businesses. Each year around 150 National Design Academy levels attendees are invited to an elaborate graduation ceremony at Trentham Gardens at Staffordshire University. This is always a wonderful day to attend and many a proud face can be seen beaming from the audience.

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