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Course Categories: Finance, Accounting and Banking,
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WHY CHOOSE “Oscar Education Group”

OSCAR INSTITUTE was started in 1993 by Mr. K.P. Paulose to impart education in Information Technology, Languages & Secretarial Practice. Now we offer different programs covering the latest and most widely used Job oriented courses & software. Our programs are upgraded frequently to meet the ever changing standards of the Industry. We lead a dedicated team of Multinational Faculty with well experienced and highly professional in his/her branch of education with distinguished approval from the Ministry of Education, U.A.E. They possess a high level of Education, and an exemplary teaching ability.

The permanent set up of the staff team highlights our reputation in U.A.E. We have state of the art Hardware and Software facilities. Professional Job Assignments and Tutorials have been devised to help students practically apply what they learn. Ministry of Education, U.A.E. attested certificate is issued on successful achievement of each course, which is being sought for worldwide status.

Considering the rare requirements of each management establishment, programs are tailor-made, ensuring students with complete technical intelligence to successfully carry out their task responsibilities. Our pride lies with the Certified and Ministry approved Faculty, structured courseware, guaranteed results and a long reputed experience.

Transport facility is being provided for those who are in need of it within the Emirate, on extra charge. Free placement services are also arranged for those who successfully entire the Secretarial Practice and Computer education as well; subject to the available task inquiries.

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