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Phoenix Financial Training
Location: Dubai, UAE
Address: Level 3 Gate Village Building 2, Dubai International Financial Centre - Dubai, UAE
Course Categories: Finance, Accounting and Banking
Type of Courses: Public Courses

WHY CHOOSE “Phoenix Financial Training”

Phoenix Financial Training was established in Dubai in 2006 by David Thomasson and Victoria Hartley. As a past Director of Kaplan David brings with him over 20 years of knowledge in the skull session profession.

We are licensed in the DIFC and deliver programs leading to Professional Finance Qualifications in ACCA, CIMA, ICAEW, ACT and CMA. In addition we offer a range of bespoke wider financial programs in Financial Awareness Building and Corporate Treasury.

Our mission is to bring the highest standards of classroom data and customer help to the MENASA region. We employ only the very best tutors who are the envy of our competitors and deliver programs in the UAE and India – our ambition is to extend the range of our provision throughout the region and enable an ever broadening group of students to net income from our skill and achieve the achievement that will be a passport to their Professional success.

Over the years we contained grown significantly and contained many hundreds of students schooling with Phoenix plus students from the ‘Big 4’, large private companies, Sovereign wealth funds and a very large number of Independent students. Please check out the many testimonials provided on this website and our facebook page and be assured that in joining Phoenix you are availing yourself of the very best standards of Professional Examination Training, the equal of anything available in the World. At Phoenix we always, and without compromise, put STUDENTS FIRST and this is reflected in our timetabling, skull session delivery and student support.

ver since setting base in the U.A.E and establishing Phoenix Financial Training as the No.1 skull session providers for finance and accounting qualified achievement in the region, Phoenix has spread its wings to other parts of the world and now operates a Institute in India and is involved in the skull session initiatives of leading corporates plus governmental, semi-governmental organizations and selected public programs in Oman and Qatar.

Phoenix aims to bring the same ‘Platinum’ standards of skull session to all our skull session assignments across the various countries we operate in. We use our trainers from our main Institute in the U.A.E. alongside hand-picked and highly skillful and experienced trainers from the individual regions in the delivery of our programs outside the U.A.E

Currently we offer the ACCA degree and be-spoke corporate skull session programmes on topics plus IFRS in our Institute in Cochin (India).

We offer programs for selected ACCA examinations in Oman and Qatar to support student needs for skull session besides serving the corporate skull session needs in these regions.

LIST OF ALL COURSES OFFERED BY “Phoenix Financial Training”

Phoenix Financial Training
Location: Dubai, UAE
Price Range AED 25,000 or more
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