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Rolla Academy
Location: Dubai, UAE
Address: 201, Al Tawhidi 2, Mankhool Street, Mankhool - Dubai, UAE
Course Categories: Finance, Accounting and Banking
Type of Courses: Public Courses

WHY CHOOSE “Rolla Academy”

We live in a active world which is moving towards technology at a breakneck pace. Computer literacy has become synonymous with accomplishment in the contemporary times. Well trained professionals tend to be more productive and are appreciated as valuable assets at a workplace.

Since 1993, Rolla Academy has successfully coupled training with technology. We continue to be one of the UAE’s leading institutions of training in Information Technology and Management. We believe that as educators, it’s our responsibility to introduce, encourage and help our attendees experts both the theoretical and technical aspects of the subject. Our aim is to produce skilled professionals who meet the demands of the corporate world.

Rolla Academy is a premier education business providing internationally recognized certifications in UAE. For past 23 years, we enclose been offering education to our attendees through innovative education approach and diverse delivery models to help them meet the global standards.

At Rolla Institute, we provide a variety of programs under one roof – technology programs for IT students, business education programs for professionals, business programs for individuals hailing from the corporate sector, and preparatory programs for different global exams. Our teachers are certified and experienced. They enjoy difficulties and price innovation. They empower the attendees with knowledge, potential and industrial education prerequisite for a successful career.

As we cater to the needs of school/college attendees as well as the industry professionals, our courses timings are flexible. Our aim is to fulfill your needs to the leading of our abilities. We understand that each student has different potential and needs. Hence we enclose opted for a small courses size to ensure that each student gets individual attention which will help in the stimulation of his/her intellect. These classes being student centric result in superior learning, which is our prime objective.

We at Rolla Academy want to empower the students. This will eventually make them excellent assets for the organization they are working in or the ones they aim to work in the future. Our programs are student centric and so are our timings. We understand that the professionals enclose a busy schedule and thus we alter us according to them. Students are free to choose the timings for their classes. To attend the classes at your convenience, book your batch now.

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