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WHY CHOOSE “Study 365”

We are one of the world’s best online platforms, offering training in everything from business administration, to accounting, to yoga – and much more. All of our 1000+ training are taught by an expert teacher, and because every seminar is on-demand students can study at their own pace, in their own time and on any device.

We provide online courses, classroom courses, and live online classes, please see below for an explanation:

  • Online training are delivered purely online, and will mean you are responsible for training in your own time. You will contained help from a tutor.
  • Classroom training are based in a classroom, and mean you will task in a group with a tutor.
  • Live online classes are taught through live training which you will attend online, this gives you the classroom experience, but means you can attend class from anywhere. You can chat to the tutor and your fellow students via a chat system, and will take part in a discussion and Q&A class during every seminar.

Study365 accepts cost via credit card and bank transfer. For more information, feel free to speak to one of our seminar advisors who can find a method of cost to suit you.

Practice assessment are included with most of our certification training (unless stated otherwise) to service you prepare for your assessment with confidence.Unless stated otherwise, assessment are not included. Which is why we are able to keep our prices competitive and enables you to pay for your assessment only when you are ready to take them.Exam prices vary, so if you are interested in a specific course, speak to our seminar advisors, who can guide you accordingly.Generally speaking you are ready to book your assessment when you are consistently achieving over 90% on the exam simulators.Exam type varies from seminar to course, so check the seminar page which should tell you which kind of exam it will be. Usually, it is an assignment and/or multiple choice quiz. This will be explained in your seminar handbook.

Study365 training lead to accreditation from different international awarding bodies (Please see the seminar page of relevant seminar for further information). Also, Study365 training provide a certificate of results which is recognised throughout the industry.

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