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UK College of Business & Computing
Location: Dubai, UAE
Address: Academic City, Block 10, Second Floor - Dubai, UAE
Course Categories: Finance, Accounting and Banking
Type of Courses: Public Courses

WHY CHOOSE “UK College of Business & Computing”

UK College of Business & Computing (UKCBC) is a long- standing highertrainingcollege based in London, UK, with 17 years ofknowledgedelivering vocational and academiccompetencesto national andworldwidestudents. Our six campusescontainingan English Language School are in and around Central & Greater London and cater to the highertrainingneeds of more than 4000 students. The College offers a range of vocational andqualifiedqualifications, along with extracurricularaidtoaidstudentsAttaintheir academic andprofessional lifegoals. UKCBC prides itself on its inclusive, informative andpracticableattitude towards education.

UKCBC Dubai is the firstworldwidecampus of the College offering an inspiring academic journey with internationally recognizedcompetencesat affordable tuition fees. The College is in the heart of Dubai International Academic City that offers a vibrant atmosphere forattendeeswith angoodstudent life.

Vocational Education in UAE

UAE offers a highly competitive and exciting workforce placement for graduates and working professionals. Research shows thatattendeesand graduates with practicalknowledgeare preferred by employers than their counterparts who do notcontainedany vocational training.

English Language Training

In addition to BTECs, the college will also be offering English languageeducationat variousstatusfor students. Students who are non-native speakers with limited or no formal Englishcompetencescan join our English Language Training programme which will be delivered simultaneously so thatattendeescan performsuperiorin assignments andadvancesmoothly.


UKCBC is also an ACCA silvertrainingpartner. We will start our first batch of ACCA classes from September 2018 which will be delivered bypracticedACCA faculty members

Student support

The College offers accommodation and visaaidto both local and internationalattendeesalong withexceptionaldiscount and instalment schemes.

Why Study BTEC?
  • Career Focused Qualifications – BTECcompetencesare vocational,practicableand hands oncompetencesthataidstudents understand the depth of the subject matter making graduates more employable within the workforce.
  • Global Recognition – BTECcompetencesawarded by Pearson – the world’s largesttrainingcompany. Thecompetencesare recognized globally with clear progression routes to universities around the globe.
  • Flexible Learning – Students willcontainedan option of choosing from flexibletraininghours. Working professionals can also opt for weekend / evening classes while continuing other commitments.
Progression Routes

On completing BTEC qualifications,attendeescan move to higherstatusof BTEC,net incomean entrygradeemployment of transfer to more than 200 universities globally to continue their academic journey.

Why Study with UKCBC Dubai?
  • UKCBC has a strongabilityin delivering vocational qualifications since 2001 in the UK.
  • UKCBC Dubai Campus is committed to offeringhighertrainingin UAE by launching a 19,000 square feet campus in the heart of Dubai International Academic City.
  • Hands onknowledgein the world ofinstitutionfor both young and matured learners
  • Flexibletraininghours
  • Practical application ofapproachin real world through engaging assessments
  • Serves as a CPD for working professionals.
  • Affordable andexceptionaltuition fees.
  • Excellent student life forattendeeswho wish to join a furthertrainingcollege.

*Subject to finalgradeapproval by Pearson & KHDA

What are the University’s greatest qualities/ strengths?

The College has strongabilityin the delivery of vocational qualifications. Our Business & Computingcompetencesarecreatedto suit a variety oftraineescoming from different academic &qualifiedbackgrounds.

BTEC Level 2 Business – AED 24,000 [Full course]
BTEC Level 3 Business – AED 27,000 per year [18-24 months]
BTEC Level 3 Business – AED 30,000 [Fast track 12 months]
HND Business – AED 30,000 per year [18-24 months]
BTEC Level 3 IT – AED 27,000 per year [18-24 months]
BTEC Level 3 IT – AED 30,000 [Fast Track 12 months]
BTEC HND Computing – AED 30,000 per year [18-24 months]

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